Delve into Heritage: 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with H

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Welcome, mommy-to-be! We know that choosing the perfect name for your little one can be a magical yet daunting task. So, let’s embark on a delightful journey exploring 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with H, each with its own unique charm and profound meanings.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with H

Hassan Nasrallah, a significant figure in Middle Eastern politics, leads Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement, known for his powerful speeches. Then we have Hakeem Olajuwon, an NBA Hall of Famer who’s adored by basketball fans across the U.S. Lastly, Hussein Chalayan, a globally recognized Turkish Cypriot fashion designer, whose innovative designs have made a considerable impact on the fashion industry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HadiHaadi, HadeeGuide
HabibHabeeb, HabeebeBeloved
HakeemHakeim, HakeamWise
HamidHameed, HamedPraiseworthy
HasanHassan, HusanHandsome
HaleemHaleam, HalimForbearing
HamzaHamzah, HamzehStrong
HaniHanee, HanyHappy
HarisHariss, HariceGuardian
HashimHashem, HashemDestroyer of evil
HaydarHyder, HaiderLion
HilalHilel, HilaalCrescent Moon
HaroonHarun, AaronHigh, exalted
HishamHishaam, HishemGenerous
HomamHomom, HomammBrave
HudhaifaHudhayfah, HudhayfahName of a companion of the Prophet
HumamHumaam, HomamCourageous, generous
HussainHussein, HusaynGood, handsome
HabeebullahHabibullah, HabeebollahBeloved of God
HabshanHabshon, HapshanName of a mountain
HashirHasher, HashorGatherer
HashmatHashmatullah, HashemetDignity, glory
HayyanHayan, HayeonAlive, live
HilmiHilme, HilmeeForbearing, merciful
HizqilHizkil, HezqilGod’s strength
HubaibHubayb, HubaibeLoved one
HumaidHumayd, HumaedePraised
HurairahHurayrah, HorairahKitten
HuthaifaHuthayfa, HuthayfahA companion of the Prophet
HaithamHaytham, HithamYoung eagle
HalithHalyth, HalitImmortal
HamdunHamdoon, HamdonPraiser
HammadHamaad, HamadPraiser
HarithHaarith, HaritPlowman
HasanainHusnain, HasnainA Sh’ia name to denote the two grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad
HidayatHedayat, HidaatGuidance
HujjatHujat, HujaatArgument, reasoning
HuraythHurayt, HuraithA small cultivator
HushaimHushaem, HushaymDiminutive of hush, silence
HabshahHabsah, HapshahA wife of the Prophet
HafsaHafssa, HafzaBaby lion
HalahHalaa, HalaahHalo
HamdiyahHamdia, HamdeyahPraising (God)
HamidahHameedah, HamydaPraiser of God
HanifahHaneefa, HanifaTrue believer
HayamHayaam, HayemDeliriously in love
HessaHessa, HessahDestiny
HibahHiba, HebahGift
HifzaHifsa, HifzahProtective angel
HikmahHikma, HekmahWisdom
HooriyaHuria, HurriyaAngel
HudaHooda, HudaahRight guidance

Thanks for joining us in exploring these 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with H. We hope you found some that resonate with your heart! Inspired to explore more? Don’t miss our other articles packed with unique baby name ideas, waiting to light up your baby name quest. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is just an article away!

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