50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with H: Unveil Their Deep Meanings

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Welcome, mama-to-be! There’s something magical about journeying through potential baby names and we’re here to inspire you. Dive into our diverse list of 50 Arabic baby girl names, all starting with the enchanting letter ‘H’.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Habiba Nowrose, a prominent photographer from Bangladesh, has made significant contributions to the art world with her ‘H’ beginning name. Another notable woman is Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress of Arabic descent, best known for her roles in popular television series.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HalaHalaah, HaliaHalo around the moon
HanaHanaa, HanahHappiness, Flower
HibaHeba, HibeA gift
HudaHouda, HoodaRight guidance
HafsaHafsah, HafzaYoung lioness
HayatHayah, HayaatLife
HananHanaan, HananeCompassion, love
HasnaHasnaa, HassnaBeautiful
HiyamHiyam, HyyamPassionate love
HaifaHayfa, HaifaaSlender, well-shaped
HibahHebah, HibbaGift
HessaHessa, HissaDestiny
HassaHasa, HaseaPure, good
HebaHebah, HibaGift
HawaHowa, HawaiEve, life
HafizahHafiza, HaphizaProtector
HamnaHamnah, HamanaBlack grape
HabibahHabiba, HabeebaBeloved
HamidaHaamida, HameedaPraiseworthy
HanifaHanifah, HaneefaTrue believer
HumaHoma, HumaaBird who brings joy
HumairaHumayra, HumayrahOf reddish complexion
HalimaHaleema, HalimahGentle, patient
HadiyaHadya, HadeeyaGuide to righteousness
HooriyahHooriya, HooriaCelestial
HaniaHaniya, HaneaHappy, delighted
HayfaHaifa, HayfahSlender
HaziraHazeera, HazeraPresence, appearance
HalahHala, HalaaHalo
HusnaHosna, HusnaaMost beautiful
HibaHeba, HibaaGift from God
HaneenHaneene, HaneeneLonging, yearning
HindHinda, HindahFemale deer
HudaHooda, HoudahGuidance
HoudaHoda, HoudahRight guidance
HalaHala, HalaaSweetness
HamidaHamidah, HameedahPraiseworthy
HafsaHafzah, HafsahYoung lioness
HamamaHamamah, HamamahDove
HaalaHaalah, HaalaHalo around the moon
HadiyaHadyah, HadeeyaGuide to righteousness
HalaHalah, HalaHalo around the moon
HalimaHaleema, HalimahGentle, patient
HusnaHosna, HusnaMost beautiful
HabibahHabeebah, HabibaBeloved
HaifaHayfah, HaifaSlender
HalaaHala, HalaaHalo around the moon
HoudaHoda, HoudahRight guidance
HamamaHamamah, HamamahDove
HayfaHayfah, HaifaSlender

That’s a wrap on our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with H. Thanks so much for taking this stroll with us through such exquisite and varied options. Remember, naming your baby is a momentous and joyous task, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Get inspired by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy name hunting, dear mom-to-be!

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