50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with I: A Journey of Discovery

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Hey, mama-to-be! Naming your baby girl is an exciting, profound task! Get ready to dive into our compilation of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with ‘I’. Every name resonates with a distinctive charm, heritage, and unique meanings. Let’s take this journey together!

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with I

You might recognize some of these names, thanks to famous figures who’ve worn them with grace and style. For instance, Iman (meaning faith) is famously worn by supermodel Iman Bowie, renowned for her timeless beauty and philanthropy. Another notable mention is Israa Al-Tamimi, an influential Iraqi novelist known for her unique storytelling style.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ImanEman, EimaanFaith
InasEnas, EnassKindness, amicability
ItidalEtedal, EtedallModeration, balance
IbtisamEbtesam, IbtisammSmile
IqraEkra, IkraaTo read, recite
IsraIsraa, EsraMidnight journey
IklilEkleel, IkleelCrown, garland
ImtithalEmteethal, ImtethalObedience
IzdiharIzdehar, IzdihaarFlourishing, blossoming
InayaEnaya, InayahConcern, solicitude
IbtihajEbtihaj, EbtihagJoy, delight
IshraqEshraq, IshraaqRadiance, brilliance
IntisarEntesar, IntesarVictory, triumph
IfrahEfrah, IfraHappiness, joy
IlhamIlhaam, ElhamInspiration, revelation
InsafEnsaf, InsaffJustice, fairness
ItabEtab, EttabCensure, reproof
IradaIradah, EiradaIntention, determination
IzarIzarr, EizarStar, brilliance
IyasEyas, IyaasCompensation, solace
IkramIkraam, EkramHonor, hospitality
IhsanEhsan, IhsaanBeneficence, charity
IsmatIsmaat, EsmatPurity, modesty
IrtiqaIrtiqaa, ErteqaProgress, advancement
IftikharIftikhaar, EftikharPride, glory
IznaIznaa, EiznaLight, radiance
IsbahIsbaah, EsbahDawn, daybreak
IstabraqIstabraaq, EstabraqSilk brocade
ItrahItraah, EtrahPerfume
IzmaIzmaa, EizmaLeader, guide
IffatEffat, IffaattChastity, purity
ItimadItimaad, EitimadTrust, reliance
IjlalIjlaal, EjlalRespect, honor
IrshadIrshaad, ErshadGuidance, direction
IqbalIqbaal, EqbalProsperity, success
IydEid, EyedFestival, celebration
ImanahImaanah, EmanahFaithfulness
IdilIdeel, EedilPerfect, unique
IbadahIbadahh, EbadahWorship
IjadEjad, IjaadBountifulness
IrajEraj, IraajFlower blossom
IlaheIlahee, ElaheGoddess
IbaaEba, EbaaPride, sense
IbtidaEbtida, IbtidahBeginning, outset
IqlasEqlass, IqlassSincerity, dedication
ImtiyazImtiaaz, EmteyazDistinction, privilege
IzzahIzzahh, EzzahHonor, prestige
IsarIsarr, EesarSelflessness, altruism
IzriIzree, EizriMy compensation
IlimEylim, IlmKnowledge, science
IbaadIbaadah, EbaadWorshippers

That’s a wrap on our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with ‘I’. Thanks for taking this cultural exploration with us. We hope it sparked inspiration and made your special task of naming a little smoother. Dive deeper into our other baby name idea lists, and ignite more exciting name journeys. Happy naming!

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