50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With U: Uncover the Uncommon

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Choosing a name for your new arrival is a thrilling adventure. Our list of ’50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With U’ is designed to inspire and guide you through this joyous journey, offering some unique and beautiful options that might just be perfect for your little princess.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With U

There’s incredible power in a name. For instance, Uma Thurman, known for her charismatic roles in Hollywood, or Ursula Burns, the first African American woman to lead a Fortune 500 Company, Xerox. Our ‘U’ names carry a legacy of strength and individuality to inspire your baby girl.

Sure, here’s a table featuring 50 American Baby Girl Names starting with “U” along with common variations and their meanings:

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. UnaOonagh, Unna“One; lamb”
2. UriUrie, Ury“My light, my flame”
3. UrsulaUrsuline, Ursa“Little bear”
4. UlaniUlanni, Ulany“Cheerful”
5. UmaUmma, Umah“Nation”
6. UnityUnitee, Unyty“Harmony, oneness”
7. UlaUlla, Ullah“Jewel of the sea”
8. UshaUshah, Ushia“Dawn”
9. UrsaUrsy, Ursi“Bear”
10. UlrikaUlrike, Ulricka“Mistress of all”
11. UlyssaUlysse, Ulyssia“Wounded in the thigh”
12. UtaUte, Uteh“Wealth”
13. UliaUliya, Uliah“Youthful”
14. UriahUria, Uriya“God is my light”
15. UlyanaUlyanna, Uliana“Youthful”
16. UvanaUvanah, Uvanna“Youth”
17. UrsaUrsae, Ursea“Little bear”
18. UltimaUltimah, Ultyma“Last one”
19. UreliaUrelya, Ureliah“Golden”
20. UlianaUlana, Ulianna“Youthful”
21. UllaUllah, Ula“Will, determination”
22. UlyonaUlyonna, Ulona“Light”
23. UbariUbarie, Ubaria“Fruitful”
24. UdellaUdela, Udaila“Wealthy”
25. UbeliaUbeliya, Ubeliah“Vine of God”
26. UrielaUriella, Uriele“God is my light”
27. UlissaUlyssa, Ulisa“Noble”
28. UdessaUdesa, Udessa“Wealthy”
29. UraliaUraliya, Uralia“Made of gold”
30. UraniaUra, Uranie“Heavenly”
31. UdaraUdarra, Udari“Fruit tree”
32. UmaymaUmaymah, Umayme“Little mother”
33. UtopiaUtopiah, Utopya“Ideal place”
34. UtaUtta, Ute“Prosperity, riches”
35. UdoUda, Udu“Peace”
36. UmmiUmmie, Ummy“My mother”
37. UzmaUzmma, Uzmah“Greatest”
38. UmaniUmanie, Umanee“Life”
39. UnnaUnnah, Una“Woman”
40. UjalaUjalaa, Ujalah“Light”
41. UjaUjah, Ujaa“Green”
42. UzuriUzurie, Uzury“Beauty”
43. UxíaUxiaa, Uxiah“Well-born, noble”
44. UrikaUrikaa, Urikah“Useful to the Lord”
45. UmniaUmniaa, Umniah“Wish, desire”
46. UnaisaUnaisaa, Unaisah“Friendly, affable”
47. UshnaUshnaa, Ushnah“Sunshine”
48. UlduaraUlduaraa, Ulduarah“Ancient city”
49. UmayUmayy, Umaye“Hope”
50. UnnatiUnnaty, Unnattee“Progress”

Thanks for stepping into the world of ‘U’ with our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With U! We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration for your precious bundle’s name. Make sure to explore more of our baby name idea lists for further inspiration. Your perfect baby name could be just a click away!

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