U-ltimate List: 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With U

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is one of the most beautiful tasks of becoming a mom. To help you on this delightful journey, we’ve put together a list of 50 American Baby Boy Names starting with the letter U, each one unique and filled with promise just like your little one!

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With U

Buried within history and pop culture are some influential figures sporting unique names starting with U. Ulysses S. Grant, the famous Civil War general, and former President hold a place of reverence in American history. On the sports front, we have the talented NBA player Udonis Haslem, whose name stands out both on and off the court.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UlyssesUlyssis, Ulyses“Wounded in the thigh”
UbertoUberti, Uberta“Bright mind”
UlricUlrick, Ulrik“Powerful through his inheritance”
UriahUria, Urias“God is my light”
UrbanUrbane, Urbano“From the city”
UptonUptin, Upten“Upper settlement”
UrvinUrven, Urvan“City friend”
UsherUshur, Ushar“Doorkeeper”
UgoUgolin, Ugolino“Mind, spirit”
UrielUriell, Urial“God is my light”
UrialUriael, Uriahl“God is my light”
UriasUryas, Urya“Yahweh is my light”
UlandUlanda, Ulando“Noble land”
UlimaUlime, Ulimer“Wise”
UmarUmayr, Umari“Long-lived”
UmberUmbero, Umberi“Color of earth”
UmiUmiro, Umin“Life”
UmutUmuta, Umute“Hope”
UnaiUnail, Unay“Cowherd”
UptonUpson, Upty“Higher town”
UranUrand, Uris“Heaven”
UrbainUrby, Urbie“From the city”
UriUrie, Ury“My light”
UrsUrso, Urse“Bear”
UsmanUsmani, Usmando“Baby bird”
UtherUthero, Uthor“Terrible”
UzziahUzziahel, Uzziahi“Strength of God”
UbaidUbaide, Ubaidi“Faithful”
UlfredUlfredo, Ulfredi“Wolf of peace”
UlisesUlisa, Ulysse“Wounded in thigh”
UllerUlleri, Ullero“Glory”
UlmerUlmere, Ulmers“Fame of the wolf”
UlrichUlrick, Uldrich“Powerful and prosperous”
UmbertoUmberi, Umbero“Color of the earth”
UmiUmin, Umie“Servant”
UnoUnio, Uneo“Number one”
UptonUptone, Uptoni“Upper farm”
UrialUriale, Uriall“The Lord is my light”
UrsonUrsoni, Ursono“Bear cub”
UthredUthredo, Uthredi“Wealth”
UzielUziell, Uzielo“Strength of God”
UdoUdor, Udora“Peaceful”
UkiahUkyah, Ukiha“Deep valley”
UlricUlrica, Ulrice“Mistress of all”
UmonUmoni, Umono“Gathering of clouds”
UzielUziela, Uzielo“Strength of God”
UsherUshera, Usheri“Gatekeeper”
UxioUxie, Uxioe“Well born”
UbeleUbeles, Ubelese“Form of Mabelle”
UlandUlanda, Ulando“From the noble land”

Thanks for diving into our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With U. We hope it’s sparked your imagination and helped you get one step closer to the perfect name. We have many more baby-naming lists to inspire you, so don’t hesitate to explore our site for more amazing baby name ideas. Just remember, whatever name you choose, it will be perfect because it’s chosen with love.

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