Timeless Elegance: 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With T

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Hello there, fellow mom-to-be! Choosing your baby girl’s name is a joyous yet meaningful journey. Our list of 50 American baby girl names starting with T aims to inspire, guide, and bring you one step closer to finding that perfect name.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Consider, for instance, Tara Reid, American actress known for her roles in ‘American Pie’ and ‘Sharknado’. Or Taylor Swift, a globally renowned singer-songwriter who’s won numerous Grammy Awards. And who could forget the talented Tracee Ellis Ross, esteemed for her performance in the TV Series ‘Black-ish’. These names are not only beautiful, but they also carry a legacy of strong and successful women.”

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. TaraTera, Tarah“Hill; star”
2. TaylorTayla, Tayler“Tailor”
3. TrinityTrinitee, Trinyty“Triad”
4. TessaTess, Tesia“Harvester”
5. TiffanyTiffanie, Tiffini“God’s appearance”
6. TabithaTabbitha, Tabatha“Gazelle”
7. TinaTyna, Tine“River”
8. TanyaTania, Tonia“Praiseworthy”
9. TashaTosha, Tashia“Born on Christmas day”
10. TeresaTheresa, Teressa“Harvester”
11. TamaraTamera, Tamyra“Palm tree”
12. TiaTiah, Tea“Aunt, princess”
13. TrishaTricia, Trish“Noblewoman”
14. TeaganTegan, Teegan“Attractive”
15. ToniTony, Toney“Priceless one”
16. TrinaTrinah, Tryna“Pure”
17. TyraTyrah, Tyree“God of Battle”
18. TallulahTalula, Talulla“Leaping water”
19. ThaliaThalya, Thaleia“Blooming”
20. TinleyTinlee, Tinlie“Meadow of the River Tyne”
21. ToniTonie, Tonnie“Priceless one”
22. TatumTatem, Tatam“Brings joy”
23. ToriTorie, Tory“Triumphant”
24. TealTeel, Teil“Blue-Green Color; Greenish-blue Duck”
25. TuesdayTuesdae, Tuesdey“Day of Mars”
26. ThelmaTelma, Thelmar“Will, volition”
27. TinsleyTinzley, Tynsley“Tynni’s meadow”
28. TildaTilde, Tildy“Heroine in battle”
29. TullyTuli, Tuly“Peaceful”
30. TrudyTrudie, Trudi“Spear of strength”
31. TwilaTwyla, Twilla“Twilight”
32. TamiaTamea, Tamiya“People’s joy”
33. TessieTessi, Tessa“Harvester”
34. TorranceTorrance, Torrynce“From the knolls”
35. TristaTrysta, Tryst“Sad, sorrowful”
36. ThoraThora, Thorey“Thunder Goddess”
37. TeenaTina, Tenah“Follower of Christ”
38. TierneyTernie, Tyernie“Master, Lord”
39. TamsinTamzen, Tamsyn“Twin”
40. TaylerTailer, Teyler“Tailor”
41. TildaTildy, Thilda“Strength in battle”
42. ToveTova, Thove“Beautiful Thor”
43. TaffyTafy, Tauffie“Loved one”
44. TyeTai, Ty“Melody, song”
45. TaliseTalisha, Talyse“Lovely water”
46. TamiTammi, Tamie“Twin”
47. TenleyTinley, Tynley“Burnt clearing”
48. TreschaTresha, Tricha“Patrician, noble”
49. TayaTaja, Taia“From the hill”
50. TeddiTeddy, Teddie“Wealthy guardian”

We hope that our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With T has sparked imagination and brought you closer to finding the perfect name for your baby girl. The joy of parenthood includes moments such as these, and we’re glad to share the journey with you. Be sure to check out more of our curated baby name lists on our site for additional inspiration. Thanks, and happy naming!

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