50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With P: Inspirational Ideas Awaiting

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Hey Mama-to-be, entering the world of parenthood and searching for the perfect name for your little princess? Look no further! Our list of ’50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With P’ is packed with beautiful and unique options just waiting to be discovered.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Did you know some of the greatest women in American history bear names starting with ‘P’? From the sensational actress Penelope Cruz, the trail-blazing politician Patricia Roberts Harris, to the soulful singer Patti LaBelle, these names are brimming with class, charisma, and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PaisleyPaisleighChurch, Cemetery
PaigePageAssistant, Helper
PenelopePenny, NellieWith a Web Over Her Face
PatriciaPat, Patty, TriciaNoblewoman
PhoebePhebe, PhoebeBright, Pure
PoppyPoppieFlower Name
PearlPearla, PerlaPrecious Jewel
PaulaPauline, PauletteSmall, Humble
PeytonPaytonFighting Man’s Estate
PhyllisPhillis, PhylisFoliage, Leaf
ParisPariss, ParrishName of City in France
PiperPippa, PipperPipe Player
PriscillaPrisila, CillaAncient
PrimrosePrim, RoseFirst Rose
PhilomenaPhilomene, MenaLover of Strength
PortiaPorsha, PortaPig, Hog
PandoraDora, PandaAll Gift
PiaPiyaDutiful, Pious
PaulinaPauline, LinaLittle
PrudencePrudy, PrueGood Judgment
PollyPolley, PolleeGreat Sorrow
PrishaPrish, PrisGod’s Gift
PatiencePati, PattyVirtue Name
PalomaPalma, AlmaDove
PhoenixPhoenyx, NixDark Red
PriyaPriyah, PriyaaBeloved
PersephoneSephie, PersieBring Destruction
ParvatiParvathi, VatiDaughter of the Mountain
PaolaPaolla, PaulaSmall
PhilaPhilia, PhyllaLove
PetuniaTunie, PetunaFlower Name
PansyPansi, PansieThoughtful
PetraPetrah, PetreaRock
PreciousPrecia, PressieValued
PrunellaPrue, NellaLittle Plum
PruePru, PrudenceCaution
PippinPip, PippySeed of a Fruit
PhilippaPippa, PhillyLover of Horses
PingPingo, PingaPeaceful
PashaPash, PaschaSmall
PersisPersi, PersiePersian Woman
PearlinaPearlie, PearlinePearl
PuananiPua, NaniBeautiful Flower
PriscilaPrisca, CilaAncient
PellaPelMarvel of God
PrimaPrimThe First-Born
PritiPreeti, PreetyLove
PrunellaPrune, NellaLittle Plum

That’s a wrap, ladies! We hope this list of ’50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With P’ has been fun and inspiring. Remember, choosing a name for your baby girl is a special journey, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. Don’t forget to check out more baby name idea lists on our site for further inspiration. Happy naming!

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