50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With P: Picture Perfect Choices

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Are you eager to give your baby boy a name that starts with a thunderous ‘P’? Join us as we journey through our curated list of 50 American baby boy names starting with P, a wonderful mix of the timeless, trendy, and truly original!

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Celebrities like the charming Patrick Dempsey, legendary Paul McCartney, and the multi-talented Peter Dinklage have carried their ‘P’ names with pride and panache. These influential figures could provide the perfect inspiration for your baby boy’s name!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PaulPaulo, PaulySmall, Humble
PeterPetey, PeteStone, Rock
PaxtonPax, PaxtynPeace Town
PhoenixPhoenyx, PhenixDark Red, Mythical Bird
PerryPerryman, PerPear Tree
PrestonPres, PrestynPriest’s Estate
ParkerParkPark Keeper
PrincetonPrincePrincipal Citizen, First
PacePascoe, PaceyPassover
PrescottPrescotPriest’s Cottage
PhillipPhil, FelipeLover of Horses
PalmerPalPalm Tree
PiersPierce, PierreStone, Rock
PattonPatten, PatoWarrior’s Town
PaytonPeyton, PaytynPacca’s Town
PerrymanPerimanProtected By God
PickettPicketPointed Spear
PenrosePenHeadland, Rose
PennPenny, PenleyEnclosure, Hill
PearcePearse, PearsSon of Piers
PeircePier, PerceSon of Piers
ParnellParnel, PernelLittle Peter
PlummerPlumer, PlumePlumber
PendragonPenChief Dragon
PadraigPaddy, PatNoble, Patrician
PakenhamPakFrom Pakenham
PasqualePascal, PasRelated to Easter
PercivalPercy, PerciPierces the Valley
QuintusQuint, QuinFifth
QuigleyQuigg, QuigsFrom the Mother’s Side
QuadeQuad, QdDescendant of Uaid
QuinlanQuin, QuinnDescendant of Caoinlean
QuillanQuill, QuillsCub
QuestQuestin, QuesA Long Search
QuadeerQadir, QadeerCapable, Powerful
QuinceyQuincy, QuinEstate of the Fifth Son
QuirinoQuiri, QuirinSpear
QuillonQuill, QuileCrossing Swords, Strong
QuinbyQuby, QuinEstate of the Woman
QuantrellQuan, QntrellQuarter, Hyatt
QuennelQuen, QunelFrom the Little Oak Tree
QuentinQentin, QuinFifth
QuigbyQuig, QigbyFrom the Mother’s Estate
QuinntenQuin, QuinntenFifth
QuintrellQuint, QtrellDweller at the Spring Farm
QuirkQuirko, QuirksHeart
QuinnellQuin, QnellCounsel
QuayQuai, QuayeWharf, Pier
QuorbinQuorbin, QorbinRaven, Crow
QuamiQuamy, QuomBorn on Saturday

Thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us through our list of 50 American baby boy names starting with P. We hope that these ideas have sparked your imagination and brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Remember, every name has its own special story, and we can’t wait for you to start writing yours. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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