50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With N: Discover the Charm

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Dressing your little princess in a name that’s as special as she is can feel like a thrilling quest. We’ve handpicked 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With N, pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and start exploring these treasures!

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Beneath these names, there are remarkable women who left their mark on history. Naomi Campbell, the renowned supermodel, or Natalie Cole, the Grammy-winning R&B artist. Not to forget Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to serve as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NaomiNaomie, NaomePleasantness
NatalieNatalia, NatalyBirthday
NicoleNichole, NikoleVictory people
NadiaNadya, NadaHope
NancyNancie, NanceyFavor, grace
NiaNyah, NeaBright
NylaNila, NylahWinner
NatashaNatashia, NatachaBorn on Christmas
NoraNorah, NorrahLight
NoelleNoel, NoeleChristmas
NellNelle, NellaBright, shining one
NessaNessie, NessyPure, holy
NayaNayla, NayahNew beginnings
NellieNelly, NelliLight
NaomiNaomie, NaomePleasantness
NayaNayah, NaiyaNew beginnings
NylaNylah, NilaWinner
NeneNena, NiniPeaceful
NikiNikki, NickyVictory of the people
NitaNeeta, NeitaGrace
NellNellie, NellaBright one
NylaNylah, NyelaChampion
NiaNyah, NeaPurpose
NormaNormie, NormyRule
NovaNovah, NoviaNew
NadineNadene, NadinaHope
NolaNolan, NolahWhite shoulder
NellaNell, NelleBright one
NanciNancy, NanceeGrace
NydiaNydya, NidiaNest
NessaNessie, NessyPure
NomiNaomi, NomiMy delight
NixieNixy, NixiWater sprite
NoemiNoemie, NaemiDelight
NeveNieve, NevSnow
NayaNayla, NayahNew beginnings
NylaNylah, NilaChampion
NessaNessie, NessyPure
NolaNolah, NolanaNoble
NyssaNissa, NysaWoman
NoelaniNoellani, NoeMist of heaven
NolaNolah, NolaFair shoulder
NaraNorah, NarraHappy
NormaNormie, NormyFrom the north
NylaNylah, NilaChampion
NivaNivah, NiveaExpression
NestaNestah, NestasiaPure
NaidaNyda, NadaWater nymph
NicoNeko, NikoPeople’s victory

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey through 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With N. We hope you’re leaving inspired and closer to finding that perfect name for your little lady. But don’t stop here, we’ve got plenty more curated name lists to help you on your quest! Explore, discover and fall in love with the magic of names on our website.

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