50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With O: Discover their Meanings

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Selecting a name for your little one is such a thrilling journey! As you anticipate his arrival, let us inspire you with our handpicked list of 50 American baby boy names starting with ‘O’. It’s time to embrace the joy of choosing a name that will shape your child’s identity.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With O

It’s always interesting to know about the famous figures who share our baby’s name. Celebrities like Owen Wilson, Oscar Isaac, and Oliver Hudson have all made their mark in American cinema and culture. These namesakes bring their own panache to these ‘O’ names and might just provide the inspiration you need.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OwenEoin, Ewen, Owain, OwynYoung warrior
2. OscarOskar, Osckar, OscerFriend of deer
3. OliverOlivier, Olav, Olaf, OllieOlive tree
4. OrionOrin, Orien, OryonRising in the sky
5. OrlandoOrland, RolandFamous land
6. OrsonOrsen, OrsinBear cub
7. OdellOdall, OdaleWoad hill
8. OtisOttis, Odis, OttysWealth
9. OttoOtte, Otho, OtisWealth
10. OakesOaks, Oakley, OakleaBy the oak
11. OakleyOkley, Oaklee, OakeleyOak wood or clearing
12. OctavioOctavius, Octavo, OctaveEighth
13. OlinOlen, Olyn, OllinHolly
14. OmerOmar, Omero, OhmerSpeaker, flourishing
15. OrenOrin, Oran, OrrinPine tree
16. OrvilleOrvil, Orvel, OrvillGold town
17. OvidOvide, Ovyd, OvidiusSheep herder
18. ObedObad, Obet, ObidServant
19. OgdenOgdon, Ogdenne, OgdeonOak valley
20. OthelloOthelo, Otello, OthelProsperous
21. OceanOceane, Oceano, OshanSea
22. OsmundOsmond, Osmont, OsmendDivine protector
23. OsbornOsbourn, Osbourne, OsbernDivine bear
24. OrelOriel, Orrel, OrrylEagle
25. OzzieOzzy, Ozzey, OzziShort form of Oswald
26. OswaldOswold, Oswell, OswaldoDivine power
27. OsricOsrick, Osrik, OzricDivine ruler
28. OdhranOdhrin, Odran, OranPale green
29. OisinOssian, Osheen, OshinLittle deer
30. OliveroOliviero, Oliverio, OlveroOlive tree
31. OrmandOrmond, Ormon, OrmandeSpearman
32. OrpheusOrfeo, Orfius, OrpheoDarkness
33. OpalOpall, Opel, OpellGem, jewel
34. OsgoodOsgod, Osgot, OsgardGood god
35. OxleyOxsley, Oxeley, OxeleighOx meadow
36. OthnielOtniel, Othnyl, OthneilLion of God
37. OlavOlaf, Olave, OllavAncestor’s descendant
38. OrlandOrlando, Orlanda, OrlandeFamous land
39. OsgarOsker, Oscgar, OskarDeer-lover
40. ObieObi, Obey, ObeeServant of God
41. OrbanOrben, Orbon, OrbinCity dweller
42. OrsonOrsin, Orsan, OrsunBear cub
43. OrvinOrven, Orvyn, OrvonBrave friend
44. OgilvyOgilvie, Ogilvee, OgilvyeHigh peak
45. OrpheoOrfeo, Orphio, OrpheusDarkness
46. OrvalOrvel, Orvall, OrvaleGolden village
47. OltonOltun, Oltan, OltenFrom the olive town
48. OlliOllie, Olie, OlyShort form of Oliver
49. ObadiahObadya, Obediah, ObadiasServant of God
50. OthmarOthmer, Othmir, OthmarrWealthy, famous

As we conclude our journey through 50 American baby boy names starting with ‘O’, we hope you’ve found the guidance, inspiration, or even the perfect name you were seeking. Remember, a name carries a lot of weight and meaning, just like your love for your impending arrival. Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on this remarkable quest. Don’t forget, we have more baby name lists ready to inspire your next adventure! Explore them on our site today.

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