50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With N: Start His Story Right

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Choosing a name for your baby is more than just an errand, it’s a heartfelt, exciting adventure! Our list of 50 American baby boy names starting with N is here to give you a hand as you explore each name, imagine it with your little one, and finally pick that perfect moniker.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Did you know that some stunningly talented individuals in the USA started their journeys with names beginning with N? Record-breaking basketball player Nate Thurmond, celebrated novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, and ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla are just a few shining examples. Who knows, your little one might be the next big name!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NoahNoe, NoaRest, Comfort
2. NathanNathen, NathinGiven By God
3. NolanNolin, NolonChampion
4. NicholasNick, NicolasVictory of The People
5. NeilNeal, NeillChampion or Cloud
6. NashNasheAt The Ash Tree
7. NicoNiko, NiccoPeople of Victory
8. NixonNixen, NixanSon of Nick
9. NedNedd, NeddyWealthy Guardian
10. NilesNyles, NileSon of Neil
11. NestorNestur, NesterTraveller
12. NorrisNoris, NoriceFrom The North
13. NiallNeall, NealChampion
14. NelsonNelsun, NelsanSon of Neil
15. NigelNigal, NigilDark Cloud
16. NewtonNeuton, NewtenFrom The New Town
17. NestorNester, NesturHomecoming
18. NoelNoell, NoelleChristmas
19. NapoleonNapoleone, NapoleanLion of The Forest
20. NashNache, NachDweller by The Ash Tree
21. NaveenNavin, NaveeneNew
22. NamirNamer, NamyrLeopard
23. NasirNaser, NaseerHelper, Protector
24. NabilNabeel, NabillNoble
25. NajiNagi, NajeeSurvivor
26. NaphtaliNaphtalie, NaphtalyMy Wrestling
27. NavarroNavaro, NavarrePlains
28. NavidNaveed, NavedGood News
29. NayanNaeen, NayenEye
30. NaydenNaiden, NaydonHope
31. NazarNazarr, NazareSight, View
32. NeftaliNaftali, NeftalieMy Struggle
33. NehemiahNehemia, NechemyaCompassion of YHWH
34. NekodaNakoda, NekodahDistinguished
35. NekuNekue, NekooPure
36. NemoNemo, NiemoNo One
37. NeroNiro, NerroPowerful
38. NesNess, NezMiracle
39. NestoNesta, NestuSerious
40. NetoNetto, NettiSerious
41. NewtonNeuton, NewtunFrom The New Estate
42. NialNeal, NileChampion
43. NielsNels, NillsVictory of The People
44. NigmaNigama, NygmaRiddle
45. NijelNijal, NyjelChampion
46. NikoNico, NakkoVictory of The People
47. NileNyle, NielleRiver
48. NisienNissien, NysienMythical Son of Euroswydd
49. NissimNisim, NyssimMiracles
50. NorbertNorberto, NorbyBright North

That’s all folks! Thank you for journeying with us through our curated list of 50 American baby boy names starting with N. We hope these names tickle your imagination and help you envision a wonderful future for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name lists on our site, because inspiration is always just a click away.

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