50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With M to Set Your Little One Apart

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is like sculpting her first identity. Our curated list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With M helps you find that perfect name that resonates with love, strength, and charm.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With M

The world is brimming with notable women who share the ‘M’ magic in their names. Think of Michelle Obama, influential lawyer and former First Lady, or Meryl Streep, an acclaimed actress who has woven stories of powerful women on the silver screen. Their names signify strength, charisma, and influence, inspiring us every day.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MadisonMaddison, MadysonSon of Maud
MiaMiah, MyaMine or Dear
MichelleMichele, MichellWho is like God
MaryMaria, MarieBitter, Beloved
MorganMorgann, MorganaCircling sea or great brightness
MelissaMellisa, MelisaHoney-bee
MeganMeghan, MeaganPearl
MariahMaria, MariyaBeloved
MollyMollie, MolliStar of the sea
MarleyMarlee, MarlieBound together
MacyMaci, MaceyHill
MonicaMonika, MonicahAdvisor
MaureenMoreen, MorineBitter
MargotMargo, MargauxPearl
MyraMyrah, MayraAdmirable
MabelMabelle, MaybelleLovable
MileyMylee, MyleighSmiley
MaribelMaribel, MarybelBeautiful Mary
MelodyMelodi, MelodeeSong
MilaMilla, MylaDear, Peaceful
MatildaMathilda, MathildeBattle-mighty
MarinaMarena, MarainaOf the Sea
MirandaMeranda, MyrandaAdmirable
MyrtleMyrtel, MyrtalA plant name
MarcellaMarcela, MarcellWarlike
MarciaMarsha, MarceaWarlike
MeredithMeridith, MeredethProtector of the sea
MckennaMakena, MakenahChild of the handsome one
MurielMeryl, MerrylBright Sea
MadeleineMadeline, MadelynHigh Tower
MartaMartah, MarttaLady
MarthaMarta, MarthahLady
MaceyMaci, MaceeGift of God
MariannaMariana, MaryannaGracious, Bitter
MillicentMellisent, MelicentStrong in work
MoniqueMonicka, MonikaAdvisor
MarianaMarianna, MaryanaBitter, Gracious
MelindaMelindah, MelindeHoney, Gentle
MaxineMaxeen, MaxeneThe greatest
MargaritaMargarite, MargaretaPearl
MartinaMartine, MartynaWarlike
MalindaMelinda, MalindahGentle one
MandyMandi, MandieLoveable
MarshaMarcia, MarceaWarlike
MinnieMinne, MinniResistance
MaritaMaritta, MaretaPearl
MischaMisha, MyshaWho is like God
MarcelineMarcelin, MarcellineWarlike
MagnoliaMagnolie, MagnoleaFlower name
MildredMildrid, MildrethGentle strength

Thank you for joining us in this exciting journey of discovering the perfect name starting with ‘M’ for your little girl. Remember, every name carries its personal story and magic. We hope this list helps kindle your inspiration. Feel free to check out more unique and enchanting baby name idea lists on our site. The adventure of naming is just beginning!

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