50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With M: Ignite Your Imagination

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most exciting parts of expecting. Our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With M is here to inspire you and make the process just a little bit easier.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Did you know that some of the most influential figures in America have names starting with M? Let’s look at Michael Jordan, for instance, whose name has become synonymous with unprecedented success in sport. Or consider Morgan Freeman, an actor known for his poignant roles and distinctive voice. These namesakes might just inspire the perfect choice for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MatthewMatt, MathewGift of God
2. MichaelMike, MikeyWho is like God
3. MasonMayson, MacenStoneworker
4. MarkMarc, MarkusWarlike
5. MarcusMarkus, MarcoWarlike
6. MaxMaxwell, MaximilianGreatest
7. MilesMyles, MiloSoldier
8. MitchellMitch, MitchelWho is like God
9. MartinMarty, MartynWarlike
10. MelvinMel, MelvynGentle lord
11. MauriceMorris, MauryDark-skinned
12. MalcolmMalcom, MalkolmDevotee of St. Columba
13. MackMac, MakSon of
14. MarshallMarshal, MarshHorse servant
15. MontyMonte, MontiMountain
16. MaddoxMaddex, MaddixFortunate
17. MonroeMonro, MonrowMouth of the Roe
18. MyronMiron, MyroneMyrrh
19. MorganMorgon, MorgenSea circle
20. MosesMoshe, MoDelivered from the water
21. MarlonMarlen, MarlinFalcon
22. MarcelMarcell, MarceauLittle warrior
23. MervinMervyn, MerwinSea friend
24. MurphyMurphey, MurfeeSea warrior
25. MagnusMagus, MagnesGreat
26. MerlinMerlyn, MarlinSea fortress
27. MiguelMigel, MikelWho is like God
28. MarioMarius, MarianMars (Roman god of war)
29. MilanMilen, MilynGracious, dear
30. MelMell, MelvinShort form of Melvin
31. MoeMo, MooSaved
32. MartyMarthy, MartieWarlike
33. MaceMase, MacHeavy staff or club
34. MarquisMarquise, MarquissNobleman
35. MateoMatteo, MatheoGift of God
36. MaceoMacey, MacioGift of God
37. MordecaiMordy, MordechaiWarrior, worshiper of Marduk
38. MercerMerce, MerserMerchant
39. MurdockMurdoch, MurdocSea protector
40. MatthiasMatias, MathiusGift of God
41. MahlonMahlen, MahlunSick
42. MannixManix, MannexMonk
43. MurdochMurdock, MurdoSea protector
44. MaverickMavrick, MaveryckIndependent
45. MajorMajer, MajurSuperior
46. MaximusMaximos, MaxximusGreatest
47. MaldenMelden, MaldinStrong warrior’s hill
48. MannisManis, MannysGreat
49. MaynardMainard, MaynerdBrave heart
50. MychalMichal, MykelWho is like God

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With M. We hope you found inspiration or perhaps even the perfect name for your little one. Remember, the perfect name is one that feels right to you. For more baby name inspiration, check out our other lists on our site. Enjoy this special journey!

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