Creative and Timeless: 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With L

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Getting ready to welcome your little man into the world? Let’s celebrate this beautiful journey together by exploring some enchanting baby names! Dive into our well-curated list of 50 American baby boy names starting with L that are both traditional and trendy.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Did you know that some of the most influential figures in American history have names starting with L? Take inspiration from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, the Academy Award-winning actor, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, and Lance Armstrong, the world-renowned cyclist.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiamLyam, LliamDetermined protector
LucasLukas, LuccasLight-giving
LeviLevy, LeviiJoined in harmony
LoganLogen, LoghanSmall hollow
LeonardLenard, LennardBrave lion
LanceLantz, LonceLand
LincolnLinkoln, LincolinTown by the pool
LyleLile, LylleThe island
LeroyLeroi, L’RoyThe king
LowellLowel, LowlBeloved
LamarLamarr, LamaarOf the sea
LandonLanden, LandanLong hill
LyndonLindon, LyndenLime tree hill
LesterLestor, LestarFortified place
LouieLouis, LewieRenowned warrior
LawsonLawsen, LawsunSon of Law
LorenzoLaurance, LaurencioFrom Laurentum
LuciusLucious, LucusLight
LutherLuthor, LutharPeople army
LeanderLeyander, LeandarLion man
LionelLionell, LyonelYoung lion
LangstonLangsten, LangstanLong stone
LachlanLochlan, LaughlinFrom the land of lakes
LeightonLayton, LeytonHerb garden
LandryLandri, LandreeRuler
LyleLisle, LyllIsland
LelandLeyland, LeelandMeadow land
LarsLarse, LarzCrowned with laurel
LutherLuthar, LuterArmy people
LinusLynus, LinnusFlaxen colored
LlewellynLlewellin, LlewellenLike a lion
LeonardLenard, LeanardBrave as a lion
LorneLorin, LornLorenus
LarkinLarken, LarkynRough, fierce
LeifLeaf, LeafeHeir, descendent
LucianLucien, LuciunLight
LennoxLenox, LennoxxWith many elm trees
LexingtonLexyngton, LexinngtonTown of the new law
LancelotLancelott, LancalotServant
LazarusLazrus, LazurusGod has helped
LeopoldLeopald, LiopoldBold people
LintonLintun, LyntonFlax town
LudoLudo, LoodoFamous warrior
LucaLouca, LukaMan from Lucania
LudoLoodo, LudooFamous warrior
LockhartLockharte, LockhertStrong as a stag
LudoLoodo, LudooFamous warrior
LeandreLeandré, le_ANDreLion man
LennonLenon, LennanSmall cloak or cape
LibertyLyberty, LibertiFreedom

We hope you’ve found inspiration in our list of 50 American baby boy names starting with L. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is an exciting milestone on your journey to motherhood. Feel free to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site to continue this wonderful voyage of discovery. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in finding the perfect name for your little one.

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