50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With L: Let Your Princess Stand Out

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re here, you’re probably brimming with excitement and anticipation for your baby girl. Our curated list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With L is designed to inspire and guide you in this beautiful journey of name-choosing.

Notable People with American Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Head over to the world of celebrities and find inspiration in popular figures like Lucy Liu, an accomplished actress, and Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic gold-medalist skier. Their standout performances in their respective fields make names starting with ‘L’ synonymous with strength and talent.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LilyLilly, LillieLily Flower
LouiseLouisa, LuisaRenowned Warrior
LaylaLaila, LeilaNight
LaurenLauryn, LorenLaurel
LucyLucie, LuciLight
LeahLia, LeaWeary
LylaLila, LylahIsland Girl
LunaLunah, LunnaMoon
LydiaLydiya, LiddieNoble Kind
LinaLyna, LenaTender
LanaLanna, LannahAttractive, Peaceful
LisaLiza, LeesaGod’s Satisfaction
LondonLondyn, LondinFortress in London
LydiaLydiah, LidiaNoble Kind
LorettaLorette, LaurettaLaurel Wreath
LibbyLibbie, LibbiGod’s Promise
LaineyLaney, LayneyTorch of Light
LaceyLaci, LacieFrom Lassy
LuellaLouella, LuelaFamous Elf
LoganLogann, LogenLittle Hollow
LarissaLaryssa, LarisaCheerful
LizaLisa, LizGod’s Promise
LilaLylah, LylaLilac Tree
LetitiaLetisha, LetticiaJoy
LeonaLeonia, LeaonaLion
LavenderLavanda, LavendarLavender Flower
LornaLornah, LornaFox
LeilaLayla, LeilahNight
LorelaiLorelei, LorelayLuring Rock
LourdesLurdes, LourdezFrom Lourdes
LibertyLiberti, LiberteFreedom
LorenaLorenna, LorrainaCrowned with Laurel
LeilaniLeylani, LelaniHeavenly Flowers
LeanneLeann, LeeannGraceful Willow
LilianaLillianna, LilianLily
LaurelLaurale, LaurellLaurel Tree
LouellaLouela, LowellaRenowned Warrior
LuluLuloo, LulouPearl
LucilleLucile, LucillLight
LynneLyn, LynnWaterfall
LenoraLenore, LenorahLight
LucindaLucindah, LucindiaLight
LinneaLinneah, LinneLime Tree
LorraineLorain, LoraineFrom Lorraine
LaverneLavurn, LavurneAlder Tree
LizbethLisbet, LysbethGod’s Promise
LeticiaLettie, LettyJoyful, Happy
LeslieLesley, LesleeGarden of Hollies
LucianaLucianna, LucianeLight

Thank you for letting us accompany you on this exciting journey of choosing a name for your baby girl. We hope our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With L sparked some ideas. Remember, naming your baby is a beautiful process, so enjoy every moment. Don’t forget to explore more of our engaging and idea-rich baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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