50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With J: Unique Choices for New Mums

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Choosing a name for your baby is a journey filled with joy and anticipation. It’s like opening a book where every name tells a different story. Come with us as we explore 50 American baby girl names starting with J, each as unique and special as your little one.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Just like Jennifer Aniston, who charmed us with her infectious smile in ‘Friends’, or Julia Roberts, the ‘Pretty Woman’ with a heart of gold, American baby girl names starting with ‘J’ have graced many influential celebrities. From Jessica Alba’s entrepreneurial spirit to journalist Judy Woodruff’s inspiring career, these names embody strength and charisma.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JasmineJasmin, Yasmine, Yasmin“Gift from God”
JessicaJessie, Jess, Jessa“God beholds”
JulietJuliette, Jules“Youthful”
JadenJayden, Jadyn, Jaiden“Thankful”
JocelynJocelyne, Joslyn, Joselyn“Member of the Gauts tribe”
JennaJennah, Jena“Small bird”
JaneJanie, Janey, Jayne“God is gracious”
JosephineJosie, Jo, Joey“God will increase”
JacquelineJackie, Jaclyn, Jacquelyn“Supplanter”
JanelleJanell, Janel“God is gracious”
JaylaJaylah, Jaeleah“One who is special”
JordanJordyn, Jordynn“Flowing down”
JadynJaden, Jayden“Jade”
JanessaJanesa, Janise“God is gracious”
JoannaJo, Jojo, Joana“God is gracious”
JuniperJune, Junie“Juniper berry”
JillianJill, Jilly, Gillian“Downy-haired, youthful”
JoyJoie, Joi“Happiness”
JustineJustina, Justice“Fair, righteous”
JaidaJayda, Jada“The knowing one”
JeanJeannie, Jeanie“God is gracious”
JudahJude, Judy“Praised”
JoleneJolie, Jo“Pretty”
JolieJulie, Jolene“Beautiful”
JuliannaJulianne, Julie, Jules“Youthful”
JayceeJacey, Jaycie“Healer”
JoniJoanie, Jonie“God is gracious”
JanineJanina, Jeanine“God is gracious”
JosieJosephine, Jo“God will increase”
JerricaJerrika, Jerica“Strong, gifted ruler”
JeriJerri, Jerry“Spear ruler”
JanaeJanai, Janaea“God is gracious”
JalynJalin, Jaylin“Jay bird”
JourneyJourni, Journie“Trip, quest”
JessieJessica, Jess“God beholds”
JaelynJailyn, Jaelynn“Jay bird”
JillJillian, Jilly“Downy-haired, youthful”
JemimaMima, Jemmie“Dove”
JovannaJovana, Jovina“God is gracious”
JaylenJaylin, Jaylyn“Jay bird”
JamaicaJamika, Jameka“Land of wood and water”
JalisaJaleesa, Jalissa“One who is noble”
JayanneJayann, Jayana“God is gracious”
JannetteJanette, Jeanette“God is gracious”
JudieJudy, Jude“Praised”
JaleneJaleen, Jaylene“Jay bird”
JavonnaJavona, Jovana“God is gracious”
JalyssaJalisa, Jaleesa“One who is noble”
JeanineJanine, Jeannie“God is gracious”
JaleahJayla, Jaeleah“One who is special”
JenelleJanelle, Jenell“God is gracious”
JonelleJonell, Joelle“God is gracious”

Thank you for joining us on this trip through 50 American baby girl names starting with J. Remember, choosing a name is a personal adventure, so let your heart guide you. If you need more inspiration, feel free to roam through our other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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