50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With J: From Classic to Contemporary

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Baby-naming is an exciting part of your journey to motherhood. So, let’s make it fun and memorable with our curated list of 50 American baby boy names starting with ‘J’. Each name has its own charm, ready to make your little one unique.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With J

From actors to musicians, many notable figures have names starting with ‘J’. Johnny Depp, an acclaimed actor known for his effortless versatility, and Justin Timberlake, a talented musician who’s won numerous awards, are just a few examples. Who knows? Choosing a ‘J’ name might set your baby boy on the path to his own iconic journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JackJackson, JohnGod is gracious
JamesJim, JimmySupplanter
JacobJake, JayceSupplanter
JohnJohnny, JonathanGod is gracious
JoshuaJosh, JosiahGod is salvation
JasonJase, JaysonHealer
JaydenJaden, JaidenThankful
JordanJordy, JordiDescendant
JeremyJerry, JeromeExalted of the Lord
JeffreyJeff, JeffryPeaceful territory
JustinJustyn, JustinoJust, fair
JonahJonas, JonDove
JaredJarred, JarradDescendant
JesseJessie, JessGift
JasperJas, JaspalTreasurer
JoelJoell, JoelyYahweh is God
JulianJulien, JulioYouthful, downy
JudahJude, JuddPraised
JaxonJaxson, JaxGod has been gracious
JamieJaime, JaimySupplanter
JeromeJeromy, JeroneSacred name
JeffersonJeff, JefferSon of Jeffrey
JudeJud, JudsonPraise
JettJeth, JetsonJet black
JarvisJervis, JarveeSpear servant
JaggerJag, JaggurCarter
JaceJayce, JaseHealer
JakobJake, JakieSupplanter
JonJohn, JonnyGod is gracious
JensenJens, JensonGracious God
JedidiahJed, JeddBeloved of the Lord
JoaquinJoaquine, JoaquiRaised by God
JuddJud, JudePraised
JusticeJustus, JustUpright, just
JadenJayden, JadonThankful
JuniorJunie, JunoYounger
JanusJanos, JanikPassing through
JovianJove, JoviSky father
JamisonJameson, JemisonSon of James
JulesJulian, JuleYouthful, downy
JethroJeth, JetroPreeminence
JennerJen, JennarCunning
JonahJonas, JonDove
JairJairo, JairusHe shines
JedJedd, JeodBeloved
JerichoJerricho, JericoCity of the moon
JaxtonJax, JaxonSon of Jack
JebJebediah, JebbBeloved
JontyJon, JonnyGod has given
JaylonJaylen, JaylanCalm
JavanJavon, JavenGreece
JossJos, JosselinA species of bird

Thank you for exploring our 50 American Baby Boy names starting with J. We hope this list sparks your imagination and helps you find that perfect name for your little one. Come back again for more inspiration – we have plenty of baby name-lists waiting for you. Happy naming!

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