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Hello, new momma-to-be! Choosing a name for your little one can be thrilling but challenging. Our comprehensive list of 50 American baby boy names starting with ‘I’ brings together trendy, timeless, and unique names to spark joy in this special journey.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With I

From the world of music, we have Ian MacKaye, a respected American singer and guitarist. In the realm of sports, there’s Ike Taylor, the former NFL cornerback. Each name carries its unique flavor and significance that could be the perfect fit for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IanIain, EanGod is Gracious
IsaacIsaak, IzakHe will laugh
IvanIvano, IvonGod is Gracious
IsaiahIsiah, IzaiahSalvation of the Lord
IrwinIrvin, ErwinBoar Friend
IgnatiusIgnace, IgnazioFiery
IkerVisit, Encounter
IsraelYsrael, IsraellWrestled with God
IsidoreIsidor, IsidoroGift of Isis
IrvinIrvin, ErvinGreen Water
IsmaelIshmael, IsmalGod will Hear
ImmanuelEmmanuel, ImanuelGod with us
IrvingIrvin, IrvenFriend of the Sea
IgnacioIgnatius, IgnaciusFire
IngramIngrom, IngrimAngel’s Raven
IssacIsaac, IzakHe will Laugh
IzaakIsaac, IzakHe will Laugh
IvorIvar, IvoreYew, Bow
IsmailIshmael, IsmaalGod will Hear
IdrisIdriss, IdrusInterpret
IrvingErvin, ErvingFriend of the Sea
IoloYoloWorthy Lord
InigoEneco, InakiMy Little Love
IsaccoIzac, ItzakHe will Laugh
IestynJestin, IestinJust, Righteous
IzaiahIsaiah, IsiahSalvation of the Lord
IhsanEhsan, IshanCharity, Compassion
IlyasIlias, IllyasThe Lord is my God
ImranImraan, EmranProsperity
IbrahimAbraham, IbraheemFather of Many
IlanIlon, IlunTree
IlianIliyan, IllyanTrojan
IagoYago, IacoSupplanter
IlarioHilario, IlariCheerful, Happy
IsandroIsandros, IsanderoMan’s Liberator
IdanIdann, IdaanEra, Age
IgnaceIgnatius, IgnatiosoFiery
IantoYanto, AntoGod has Favoured
IannIan, YannGod is Gracious
IsidorIsidore, IsadoreGift of Isis
IakovJakov, YakovSupplanter
IoloYoloWorthy Lord
IoannIoan, IoaneGod is Gracious
IzaanIzan, IzaenObedience
IaanIan, YannGod is Gracious
IzanIzan, IzaenAcceptance
IbanIbano, IboneBasque form of John
IvoIvo, IvoYew, Bow
IvalEval, AevalYew

Thank you for exploring our compilation of 50 American baby boy names starting with ‘I’. We hope our list has sparked some inspiration and made the exciting challenge of naming your baby a bit more exhilarating. For more baby name ideas, feel free to explore our other articles. Happy naming!

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