50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With K: Discover Your Favorite

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Finding the perfect name for your little girl can feel like a thrilling treasure hunt. Among the precious ‘K’ names, there’s bound to be your special gem. Feel the joyful anticipation as you discover 50 American baby girl names starting with ‘K’.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With K

It may surprise you to know that several famous and inspirational women share these ‘K’ names. Trailblazer Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President of the United States, and Katy Perry, the pop sensation with multiple chart-topping hits, are a few examples that bring richness and individuality to our list.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KarenKarin, KarynPure
2. KathleenCathleen, KatelynPure
3. KimberlyKimberlee, KimberFrom the meadow of the royal fortress
4. KatnissN/APlant name
5. KellyKelli, KellieWarrior
6. KaylaKaila, KaileePure
7. KelseyKelsi, KelsieFrom the island of the ships
8. KendraKenndra, KindraKnowledgeable
9. KristenKristin, KristynFollower of Christ
10. KamilaCamilla, CameliaYoung ceremonial attendant
11. KennedyKennedi, KennedieMisshapen head
12. KhloeChloe, KloeGreen shoot
13. KiraKeira, KyraThroned
14. KiaraChiara, KeiraBright
15. KylieKylee, KileyBoomerang
16. KayleighKaylee, KaylieSlender
17. KarinaCarina, KorinaDear, beloved
18. KamrynCamryn, CamrinCrooked nose
19. KassidyCassidy, KassideeCurly-headed
20. KatrinaKatarina, CatrionaPure
21. KatelynnKatelyn, KatelinPure
22. KieraCiara, KierraDark-haired
23. KendallKendal, KendellValley of the River Kent
24. KeelyKiely, KeelieBeautiful
25. KelsieKelsey, KelsyIsland of ships
26. KierstenKirsten, KerstinAnointed
27. KallieKali, CaliMost beautiful
28. KimberKimberlyn, KimberlineFrom the royal fortress meadow
29. KailynKaylin, KailinLaurel, crown
30. KaitlynnKaitlin, KaitlynPure
31. KristaKriste, KristiFollower of Christ
32. KrystalCrystal, KristelIce or clear
33. KameronCameron, KamronCrooked river
34. KariCarrie, KariPure
35. KennaMcKenna, KeniaBorn of fire
36. KamilleCamille, KamilaYoung ceremonial attendant
37. KeylaKayla, KelaLaurel, crown
38. KaleighKaley, KayleighLaurel, crown
39. KarlaCarla, KarlyFree woman
40. KirstieKirsty, KirstiFollower of Christ
41. KatarinaKatrina, KaterinaPure
42. KourtneyCourtney, KortneyFrom the court
43. KassieCassie, KassiHollow
44. KristineChristine, KristinaFollower of Christ
45. KylaKylah, KilaStrait of water
46. KoriCori, KorieMaiden
47. KarleeCarly, KarlieFree woman
48. KinleyKynlee, KenleyRoyal victory
49. KaydenceCadence, CaidenceRhythm
50. KiannaKiana, KionnaDivine

Thank you so much for walking with us through this world of American baby girl names starting with K. We hope you’ve found inspiration, and perhaps, the perfect name for your little one. Be sure to explore more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site. Remember, each name holds a world of potential waiting to be revealed by your baby girl. Happy naming!

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