50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With I: Discover Sounds of Joy

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Hello all beautiful mommies-to-be! We know you’re eagerly waiting to embrace your little angel and, of course, thinking about the perfect name. We’ve rounded up 50 American baby girl names starting with I that are as unique and special as your future princess!

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With I

From the spotlight of Hollywood to the corridors of power, many successful women have names starting with I. Iconic singer and actress Irene Cara, celebrated author Isabel Allende, and influential politician Ilhan Omar are just a few examples. These names symbolize strength, talent, and resilience.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IleneIlly, EileenBright, Shining
ImogenImo, Immy, GenyMaiden
IndiaIndi, Indie, DiaFrom the river Indus
IndigoIndy, IndiDark Blue
IreneRini, RenaPeace
IrisIri, IsRainbow
IsabelBelle, Izzy, IsaPledged to God
IsabellaBella, Isa, IzzyGod is my oath
IsadoraIsy, Dora, IzzyGift of Isis
IvyIves, IveyVine
IdaIdie, IdiDiligent, hardworking
IngridIngi, IngieBeautiful
IonaIo, OnaPurple jewel
IsoldeIzzy, Olde, OlliIce Ruler
IllanaIli, LanaTree
IlsaIls, SaPledged to God
IsraIzzy, RaNight Journey
IvaIv, VaGod is Gracious
IsanaIsa, AnaPowerful
IvanaVan, VanaGod’s gracious gift
IlkaIlki, KaFlattering, hardworking
InaIn, NaPure
IlariaIlly, RiaCheerful
ImaniMani, ImiFaith
IrinaRin, RinaPeace
IndieDi, DeeIndependent
IolaIo, LaViolet-colored dawn
IoanaIo, AnaGod’s gracious gift
ImeldaImmy, EldaPowerful fighter
IriaRi, RiaPeace
IvyannaIvy, AnaVine + Grace
IolanaIo, LanaTo soar like an eagle
IzarraIzzy, AraStar
IlyIl, LyNo meaning, modern name
IlsaIls, SaGod’s satisfaction
ImrieIm, RieImmortal
IdelisaIdel, LisaBountiful
IvetteIv, EtteYew
IsmeneIs, MeneKnowledgeable
InesIn, EsPure, holy
IshaniIsh, AniEast
InayaIna, AyaConcern; solicitude
IsoleneIso, LeneLight
IlonaIlon, OnaLight
InikaIn, IkaSmall Earth
IshaIsh, HaOne who protects
IdonyIdo, OnyRenewal
IrumIr, UmHeaven
IthacaIth, AcaHome of Ulysses
IdraId, RaFig tree
IoliteIo, LiteViolet gemstone
IndianaIndie, AnaLand of the Indians

Thanks for embarking on this exciting journey with us, exploring the beauty and charm of 50 American baby girl names starting with I. Remember, a name is just the start of your child’s story. Feel inspired? Look around for more unique and thoughtfully curated baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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