50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With H: Timeless Classics

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Hey mama-to-be, naming your little man is a big deal! As you venture into this exciting naming journey, our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With H is here to inspire you.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With H

From the charismatic Harrison Ford, Oscar-winning actor, to Howard Hughes, the aviation pioneer, to Herman Melville, renowned author of ‘Moby Dick’, some of the most successful and influential figures in American history bore names starting with ‘H’. These names embody strength, character, and an indomitable spirit.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HenryHenri, Hendrick“Ruler of the house”
2. HarryHarrie, Harri“Home ruler”
3. HarrisonHarrisson, Harison“Son of Harry”
4. HunterHunt, Hunte“One who hunts”
5. HaydenHaiden, Haydn“Fire”
6. HeathHeathcliff, Hearh“The heathland dweller”
7. HarveyHarvie, Hervey“Battle worthy”
8. HoldenHoldyn, Holdin“Deep valley”
9. HugoHugh, Ugo“Mind, intellect”
10. HowardHowie, Howerd“High guardian”
11. HoustonHuston, Housten“Hugh’s town”
12. HectorHeitor, Hektor“Holding fast”
13. HerschelHershell, Hershel“Deer”
14. HoraceHoratio, Horus“Timekeeper”
15. HuxleyHuxly, Huxlee“Hugh’s meadow”
16. HamzaHamzah, Hamzeh“Lion”
17. HankHanke, Hanks“Ruler of the home”
18. HamishHamishe, Hamiss“Supplanter”
19. HardingHardin, Hardyn“Brave, hardy”
20. HiltonHylton, Hillton“From the hill town”
21. HaroldHarrold, Harald“Leader of army”
22. HayesHays, Haize“Hedged area”
23. HerbertHerb, Herbie“Bright army”
24. HiramHyram, Hirom“Exalted brother”
25. HoustonHousten, Huston“Hugh’s town”
26. HomerHomar, Homero“Security, pledge”
27. HueyHughie, Hugh“Bright in mind and spirit”
28. HumphreyHumphry, Humphray“Peaceful warrior”
29. HobartHobert, Hobard“Bright mind”
30. HerbertHerb, Herbie“Bright army”
31. HezekiahHezakiah, Hezzie“God strengthens”
32. HansonHansen, Henson“Son of Hans”
33. HarlanHarlen, Harlann“Grey land”
34. HadleyHadlee, Hadleigh“Heather field”
35. HyattHyat, Hiat“High gate”
36. HartleyHartlee, Hartlie“Stag meadow”
37. HutchHutchin, Hutchens“Bright in mind and spirit”
38. HaganHaggen, Hagan“Youth”
39. HardingHardin, Hardyn“Brave, hardy”
40. HamlinHamlyn, Hamlen“Lover of home”
41. HoltHolte, Holten“Wooded hill”
42. HaldenHaldan, Haldin“Half Dane”
43. HaroldHarrold, Herald“Power, leader, ruler”
44. HudsonHudsen, Hudsyn“Son of Hugh”
45. HarbinHarben, Harbon“Little bright warrior”
46. HymanHymen, Himan“Life”
47. HuttonHutten, Huttun“Settlement on the bluff”
48. HardyHardie, Hardi“Bold, brave”
49. HubbleHubbell, Hubbel“Bright mind, bright spirit”
50. HershelHerschell, Hershell“Deer”

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With H. We hope you’ve found inspiration and possibly, the perfect name for your little guy. Remember, each name carries its own story – just like your baby will. Want more ideas? Explore our other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming, mama!

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