50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With H: Discover Heritage

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As an expecting mom, choosing the perfect name for your little one is a beautiful journey brimming with love and anticipation. Our list of ’50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With H’ is here to inspire and assist you in this exciting venture.

Notable People with American Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Throughout history, remarkable women like Helen Keller, an advocate for the visually impaired, and Hilary Clinton, the first woman to be nominated for president by a major US party, have borne names starting with H. They showcase the influence and charm of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HarperHarpur, HarpperHarp Player
HannahHana, HannaGrace or Favor
HazelHazelle, HazellThe Hazelnut Tree
HadleyHadlee, HaddieFrom the Heather Covered Meadow
HaleyHayley, HaileeFrom the Hay Meadow
HeidiHeidy, HaidiNobility
HelenaHelen, HelinaBright, Shining Light
HopeHopie, HoppExpectation
HarmonyHarmoni, HarmoniaA Beautiful Blending
HattieHatty, HettiHome Ruler
HarrietHarriett, HarriettaHome Ruler
HollyHolley, HollieFrom the Holly Grove
HeavenHeavyn, HeavinParadise
HonorHonora, HonoriaDignity, Reputation
HillaryHilary, HillariCheerful, Happy
HildaHilde, HilddaBattle Woman
HelenHelene, HellenBright, Shining Light
HallieHalle, HallyPraise the Lord
HayleeHayleigh, HaeleyFrom the Hay Clearing
HaileyHaleigh, HaleeFrom the Hay Meadow
HarlowHarlowe, HarloeFrom the Mound of the People
HennaHenah, HennahRemembered by God
HavilahHavila, HavillahCircle
HelgaHelgah, HelkaBlessed, Holy
HermoineHermoina, HermoiniaMessenger
HeraHerra, HerahProtectress
HebeHeba, HebahYouth
HesperHespar, HespaEvening Star
HalonaHalonah, HalonnaHappy Fortune
HesterHestera, HestaraStar
HirokoHiroka, HirokuGenerous Child
HyacinthHyacynth, HiacynthFlower Name
HyldaHilda, HildBattle
HilmaHilmaa, HilmiWill Helmet, Protection
HydrangeaHydrangeah, HydrangiaFlower Name
HilaireHilaree, HilarieJoyful, Glad
HesperiaHesperiya, HesperiyaEvening
HesperaHesperaa, HesparaEvening
HughesHughs, HugheIntellect
HuldaHuldah, HuldiaSecrecy
HermiaHermiah, HermiyaMessenger, Earthly
HecateHecat, HecataeFar Off
HennaHenah, HennahHenna Plant
HildaHilde, HildBattle Woman
HilmaHilmaa, HilmiWill Helmet, Protection
HyacinthHyacynth, HiacynthFlower Name
HyldaHilda, HildBattle
HydrangeaHydrangeah, HydrangiaFlower Name
HeroHeroe, HerowBrave Defender
HarmoniaHarmony, HarmoniahHarmony
HarleenHarleene, HarlenMeadow of Hares

Thank you for delving into our list of American baby girl names starting with H. We hope this array of names, full of rich culture and meaning, has sparked your imagination. Remember, choosing a name for your baby is an exciting journey, not a race. We invite you to explore the rest of our baby name lists for further inspiration. Happy naming!

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