Make It Unique: 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With G

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Choosing the perfect name for your little girl is like unveiling a fresh, boundless universe of possibility. Engage with our collection of 50 American baby girl names starting with G, and let her personality shine from day one.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Our list is not without its fair share of famous faces. Grace Kelly, the Hollywood-turned-royalty icon; Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar-winning actress and life-style guru; and Gabrielle Union, an influential actress and activist, all carry names that begin with G, exuding global influence and charm.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GraceGracie, GracelynGrace of God, Merciful
GabrielleGabby, BrielleGod Is my strength
GiselleGizelle, GiselaPledge
GenesisGen, GennyOrigin, Birth
GiannaGia, GianniGod is Gracious
GloriaGloriana, GloryGlory
GwendolynGwen, GwynWhite ring, Holy
GemmaGem, JemmaPrecious stone
GabriellaGabi, EllaGod Is my strength
GeorgiaGeorgie, GiorgiaFarmer
GinnyGinnie, JinnieMaiden
GretaGretel, GrettaPearl
GeraldineGerry, GeriRuler with a Spear
GillianJillian, GillyYouthful
GoldieGolda, GoldMade of Gold
GloriaRia, GloryGlory
GwynethGwyn, GwenBlessed, Happy
GalaGalina, GaliaFestivity, Celebration
GailGae, GaelLively
GertrudeGertie, TrudySpear of Strength
GwenGwennie, WennyWhite circle
GabbyGabbi, GabbieGod’s Messenger
GermaineGeri, GerrieBrother
GiovannaVanna, GiavannaGod is Gracious
GildaGildie, GuildaGolden
GracelynGracie, LynnA combination of Grace and Lynn
GeorginaGina, GeorgeFarmer
GardeniaGardie, DenaThe Gardenia flower
GwynGwen, GwinWhite, Fair
GlynnisGlennie, LynnisValley; Pure, Holy
GlennaGlen, GlennieValley
GretchenGretta, GretchPearl
GertieGerti, GertStrong Spear
GenniferGen, GennyFair one; White wave
GisselleGissele, GisselPromise
GrizeldaGrizel, ZeldaGray Battle
GenevieveJenny, ViviTribe woman
GraciaGraci, GracielaGrace
GiseldaGisele, ZeldaHostage
GuinevereGwen, GwennieFair one; White wave
GretelGreta, GriseldaPearl
GenevaNeva, GenJuniper Tree
GregoriaGoria, GregoriaWatchful, Alert
GracelynnGrace, LynnA combination of Grace and Lynn
GeorgiannGeorgie, AnnFarmer
GeralynGeri, LynSpear Ruler
GreciaGre, GreciGrace
GwendaWendy, GwendyFair, Blessed

Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us, exploring our list of 50 American baby girl names starting with G. We hope it sparks inspiration, fuels your imagination, and helps you find a name that suits your precious bundle of joy perfectly. Do remember to explore other baby name lists on our site to widen your horizons, and happy naming!

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