50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With G: Guide for Modern Moms

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re looking for the perfect ‘G’ name for your future little guy, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered a list of 50 American baby boy names starting with G – each one as unique and special as your little one is going to be!

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With G

From Hollywood actors to acclaimed authors, several inspiring individuals bear names starting with G. For instance, George Clooney, the award-winning actor, and director, or Grant Wood, the celebrated American painter known for his masterpiece ‘American Gothic’. These names carry a legacy of talent and success!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GabrielGab, Gabby“God is my strength”
2. GarrisonGary, Gar“Son of Gar”
3. GeorgeGeorgie, Geo“Farmer”
4. GideonGid, Giddy“Feller of Trees”
5. GriffinGriff, Finn“Strong Lord”
6. GilbertGil, Bert“Bright pledge”
7. GaryGar, Gaz“Spear rule”
8. GreysonGrey, Sonny“Son of the grey-haired one”
9. GiovanniGio, Vanni“God is gracious”
10. GrantGran, Grantie“Great”
11. GustavGus, Tavi“Staff of the Goths”
12. GlenGlennie, Len“Valley”
13. GunnerGun, Nner“Warrior”
14. GageG, Agey“Pledge”
15. GordonGordie, Don“Large fortification”
16. GregGregg, Grey“Watchful”
17. GalenGale, Len“Healer”
18. GavinGav, Vin“White hawk”
19. GeraldGerry, Ald“Ruler with the spear”
20. GeneGenie, Ene“Well-born”
21. GarryGar, Ry“Spear rule”
22. GradyGrad, Dy“Noble”
23. GeoffGeo, Offie“God’s peace”
24. GarysonGary, Son“Son of Gary”
25. GarnerGarn, Nerr“To gather grain”
26. GilesGil, Les“Young goat”
27. GodfreyGod, Rey“Peace of God”
28. GroverGrove, Ver“Lives near a grove of trees”
29. GermainGer, Main“Brother”
30. GilderoyGil, Roy“Son of the red-head”
31. GinoGi, No“Well-born”
32. GustonGus, Ton“Great stone”
33. GrangerGran, Ger“Farmer”
34. GeronimoGero, Nimo“Sacred name”
35. GallagherGall, Ger“Foreign help”
36. GulliverGuli, Ver“Glutton”
37. GuthrieGuth, Rie“Windy spot”
38. GarethGar, Eth“Gentle”
39. GoliathGoli, Ath“Exile”
40. GeronGero, Ron“Sacred name”
41. GodricGod, Ric“God ruler”
42. GarthGar, Th“Keeper of the garden”
43. GarveyGar, Vey“Rough peace”
44. GlynnGly, Nn“Valley”
45. GreerGree, Er“Watchful”
46. GervaseGer, Vase“Servant”
47. GoodmanGood, Man“Good man”
48. GuyGu, Y“Guide”
49. GibbsGib, Bs“Bright hostage”
50. GamalielGama, Liel“God has rewarded”

Thank you for exploring this delightful list of 50 American baby boy names starting with G. Choosing your baby’s name is an exciting journey fraught with love and anticipation. Remember, a name is a lifelong gift you give your child. Feel inspired? Check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site to continue this wonderful naming adventure.

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