50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With F: Find Your Favorite!

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Choosing your baby boy’s name is like opening the first page of his life story. Let’s make it special! To help you start this exciting journey, we’ve curated a list of 50 American baby boy names starting with F.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Names have power and history. They can be inspired by influential figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President, or the legendary musician, Freddie Mercury. There’s also Frank Lloyd Wright, renowned architect shaping America’s architectural landscape. When you choose an F name, you’re choosing a name with distinction.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FinnFinnegan, FinleyFair
2. FrancisFrancisco, FranFree Man
3. ForrestForest, ForresterOf the Woods
4. FrederickFred, FreddiePeaceful Ruler
5. FelixFeliciano, FelizHappy, Fortunate
6. FabianFabio, FabianusBean grower
7. FloydLoyd, LloydGray
8. FisherFish, FischFisherman
9. FelipePhillip, PhilFriend of Horses
10. FletcherFletch, FlecherArrow-maker
11. FranklinFrank, FrankieFree Landholder
12. FordForde, FordeyRiver Crossing
13. FraserFrasier, FrazerStrawberry
14. FosterForster, ForesterForest Worker
15. FlorianFlorio, FlorinFlowering
16. FerdinandFerdy, FernandBold Voyager
17. FergusFergie, FergalMan of Vigor
18. FarleyFarlee, FarleighMeadow of the Sheep
19. FentonFenten, FentanMarsh Town
20. FlavioFlavian, FlavorGolden, Blonde
21. FinnianFinian, FynnianFair
22. FerminFirmin, FirminoStrong
23. FalcoFalcon, FalkFalcon
24. FitzFitzgerald, FitzpatrickSon Of
25. FairfaxFairchild, FairleeBeautiful
26. FieldingField, FieldsFrom the Field
27. ForbesForba, ForbieField
28. FerrisFerri, FerrissRock
29. FidelFidelis, FidelitoFaithful
30. FilbertFilberto, FilVery Brilliant
31. FultonFultun, FultenPeople’s Estate
32. FarnellFarnall, FarnelFern Hill
33. FleetwoodFleet, FleeterStream in the Wood
34. FingalFingall, FingaleFair Stranger
35. FenwickFenwic, FenwycMarshland Farm
36. FaneFaine, FanebJoyful
37. FinnbarFinnbor, FinnbaarFair-haired
38. FeltonFelten, FeltonnTown on a Field
39. FrazierFrayzer, FraizierStrawberry
40. FalitoFalyto, FalyttoLucky
41. FriedrichFredrik, FredrichPeaceful Ruler
42. FarnhamFarnum, FarnamFern Meadow
43. FillmoreFilmore, PhilmoreGreat
44. FedericoFedrico, FredricoPeaceful Ruler
45. FirthFyrth, FirtheWoodland
46. FairbanksFairbank, FairbankksBank of a River
47. FarnsworthFarnsworthe, FarnsworthyFern Enclosure
48. FenrisFenriss, FenrysMythical Monster
49. FairleighFairlee, FairlieMeadow of Bulls
50. FlintFlynnt, FlinntStream

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With F. Each name carries a unique resonance, ready to be woven into your son’s story. We invite you to continue your name-hunting journey with our other inspiring baby name lists on our site. Remember, your perfect baby name is just around the corner!

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