50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With F to Inspire Your Naming Journey

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Hey there, momma-to-be! You’ve got an exciting journey ahead, and it starts with naming your little girl. We’ve compiled a list of 50 American baby girl names starting with ‘F’ to help spark some inspiration and make this process just a little bit easier for you!

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Did you know that names starting with ‘F’ have been chosen by some of the most talented and influential figures in America? Take actress Farrah Fawcett or author Frances Hodgson Burnett, whose contributions to art and literature continue to inspire us. Their names carry a legacy, just like the one your little girl is about to begin!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FaithFaythe, FaitheTrust, Belief
FrancesFrancis, Francine, FranFree One
FayeFay, FaeFairy
FelicityFelicite, FelicieHappiness
FernFerne, FearneA Green Plant
FionaFionna, FionahFair, White, Beautiful
FinleyFinnley, FinleighFair Warrior
FloFlorence, FloraFlowering, Flourishing
FannyFannie, FannieFree One
FallonFallan, FallynSuperiority; Descendant of a Ruler
FloraFlorrie, FlorFlower
FreyaFraya, FreiaNoble Woman
FrannieFranny, FranFree One
FleurFleurette, FluraFlower
FeliciaFelisha, FaleeshaLucky
FridaFreeda, FriedaPeace
FarahFarrah, FaraHappiness
FabianaFabiane, FabianneBean Grower
FrankieFranki, FrankyFree One or Truthful
FawnFaun, FawneYoung Deer
FantaFantaBeautiful Day
FifiFifie, FifyGod Will Increase
FilomenaFilomina, PhillominaFriend of Strength
FlorinaFlorinna, FlorineFlower
FredaFreeda, FriddaPeaceful Ruler
FuchsiaFuschia, FushciaFlower
FenellaFinella, FinellWhite Shoulder
FatimaFatimah, FathimaOne Who Abstains
FergieFergi, FergieStrength of Man
FayezaFayza, FaezaSuccessful, Victorious
FletaFletah, FletaSwift
FolaFolah, FollahHonor
FayeFae, FayFairy
FelicityFlicity, FelicitiHappiness
FideliaFidellia, FideliahFaithful
FolaFlora, FloBlossoming in Flower
FifiFify, FifieJehovah Increase
FloFloss, FloraBlossoming in Flower
FallonFallyn, FallanOf a Conquering Family
FabianaFabiane, FabiannaBean Grower
FiaFya, FiahDark of Peace
FaunaFaunah, FawnaYoung Deer
FletaFletah, FlettaSwift
FernandaFernandah, FarnandaAdventurous; Courageous
FarrahFarah, FarraJoy
FlavieFlavy, FlaviaGolden, Blonde
FrancescaFrancess, FrancesscaFree One
FairuzaFiruza, FiruzehTurquoise Gemstone
FenellaFennella, FenellahWhite Shoulder
FidelmaFiedelma, FiedelimaEver Good
FabiolaFabiolah, FabriolaLovely Bean

Well, there you have it – your guide to 50 American baby girl names starting with ‘F.’ We hope our list has given you inspiration and perhaps even helped you land on a name you adore. Remember, the name you choose for your baby girl is the first of many gifts you’ll give her; make it special. Thanks for letting us be a part of this incredible journey. Don’t forget to check out other lists on our site for more baby name inspiration!

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