50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With E: Your Guide to Unique Names

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Hey there, lovely mom-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for that perfect ‘E’ name for your soon-to-arrive little prince, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve got a list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With E that mixes the best of tradition, trendiness, and charm.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With ‘E’

From artists to athletes, there are quite a few influential figures who’ve been rocking ‘E’ names. Emilio Estevez made a name for himself in Hollywood, while Eli Manning scored big on the football field. Then there’s Ethan Hawke, charming audiences with his acting prowess. These names have left their mark, and your baby boy can too.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. EthanEthen, EthynFirm, strong
2. ElijahElijiah, EligeThe Lord is my God
3. EricErik, ErickRuler
4. EvanEvann, EvinYoung warrior
5. EliEly, ElieAscend, climb
6. EdwardEddy, EddieWealthy guardian
7. EllisEliss, ElyssBenevolent
8. EmeryEmry, EmmeryBrave, powerful
9. EverettEveret, EverrettStrong as a boar
10. EdisonEddison, EdissonSon of Edward
11. EmmanuelEmanual, EmannuelGod is with us
12. EzraEzrah, EzeraHelp
13. EastonEason, EastanEast-facing place
14. EdwinEdwinn, EdwynRich friend
15. EamonEamonn, EamenWealthy protector
16. EnriqueEnrike, EnriqeRuler of the house
17. EltonElten, EltanFrom the old town
18. EmmettEmmit, EmettUniversal
19. ErnestEarnest, EarnstSerious, determined
20. EnochEnoc, EnockDedicated
21. EwanEwen, EwennBorn of the yew tree
22. ElmerElmar, ElmirNoble, famous
23. EnderEndar, EndorVery rare
24. ElvinElfin, ElvynFriend of elves
25. EldonEldan, EltonOld servant
26. EldridgeEldrige, ElridgeOld wise leader
27. EmersonEmersyn, EmersinSon of Emery
28. EdricEdrick, EdrikWealthy ruler
29. EmilioEmillio, EmelioRival
30. EfrainEfren, EfraimFruitful
31. ElianEliyan, ElienThe Lord is my God
32. EdselEddsel, EdcilRich man’s house
33. EliseoElyseo, ElyseioGod is salvation
34. ElvisElviss, ElveisAll-wise
35. EamonAmon, EimenWealthy protector
36. EgbertEcgbert, EgbertoBright edge
37. EphraimEfrem, EfraimFruitful
38. ErrolErryl, ErrilEarl, nobleman
39. EustaceEustach, EustachiusFruitful, productive
40. EudoraEudor, EuodiasGood gift
41. EganEgon, EaganLittle fiery one
42. ElbertElburt, ElbirteNoble, bright
43. EeroAero, EiroEternal ruler
44. EbenezerEbinezer, EbenzerStone of help
45. ElwoodElwud, EloudElder tree forest
46. ErnieErnee, ErnySerious, determined
47. EinarEinarr, EynerOne warrior
48. EamonEaman, EemannWealthy protector
49. EustonUston, YustonHeart’s town
50. EzraEzrah, EzroHelp

Thanks for joining us on this fun exploration of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With E! Remember, choosing a name for your baby boy is a special journey filled with love and excitement. We hope you’ve found our list helpful. Be sure to check out more of our baby name idea lists right here on our site – inspiration is just a click away!

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