50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With E that Echo Love

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Hey there, mamma! Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Choosing a perfect name for your little girl can be a thrilling ride. And we’re here to make it more exciting with a list of 50 American baby girl names starting with E.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Beloved names start with E! Consider Elle, like world-renowned model Elle Macpherson or Ellen, as in the beloved TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Even a more traditional name like Elizabeth has its charm—with the likes of famous American actress Elizabeth Taylor embodying its grace.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EvaEve, AvaLife
EmilyEmilee, EmilieIndustrious, Striving
EliseElizabeth, ElizaGod is my oath
EllaElle, ElaBeautiful fairy
EdithEdie, EdeeProsperous in war
EveEva, EvieLiving
EmiliaEmily, AmeliaRival
ErinErrin, ErynPeace
EricaErika, ErickaRuler
ElviraElvera, AlviraTruth
EstherEster, HesterStar
EloiseElouise, EloisaRenowned in battle
EleanorElinor, EleonorShining light
ElysiaElyssa, AlyssiaBlissful
EuniceUnice, EunisGood victory
ElaineElayne, ElainaLight
EdnaEdnah, EdinaPleasure
ElsaElsah, ElzaGod’s promise
EsmeEsmee, EsmayEsteemed
ElianaElaina, EliannaGod has answered
EthelEthyl, EthelleNoble
EvanEvon, EvanneYoung
EdwinaEdwyna, EdweenaWealthy friend
EileenEileene, AileenLight
EchoEcko, EkkoReverberating sound
ElinaElaine, ElineShining light
EtnaEtnah, EttnaFiery one
ElmaElmar, ElmaraHelmet of God
EarleneEarleen, ErleneNoblewoman
EmeraldEmeraude, EmiraGreen gemstone
ErmaIrma, ErmahUniversal
EmlynEmelin, EmalynAmbitious, Industrious
EdaAda, EddaWealthy
EssieEssee, EssyStar
ElodieElodiee, ElodyForeign riches
ElmiraElmire, ElmyraNoble
EbonyEboni, EbonnyDark Black-Wood
EvitaEveeta, EvettaLife
EulaliaEulalie, EulaleaSweet-speaking
EvonneYvonne, IvonneArcher
ElvaAlva, ElviaElf-friend
EffieEphie, EffyWell-spoken
EudoraEudore, EudorahGenerous gift
EndoraAndora, IndooraFountain
EugenieEugenia, EugenaWell-born
EnidEnyd, EnideSoul, Life
EleniElenie, ElenaShining light
EsterEsther, EsterStar
EadieEdie, EadieRich gift

Thank you for exploring these American baby girl names starting with E! We’re sure you found some gems shining brightly on your list. Don’t stop here – get inspired by browsing more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Remember, the perfect name awaits at your fingertips!

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