50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With D for Your Dreamy Little One

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We know you’re eager to give your little princess the perfect name. That’s why we’ve put together these 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With D to inspire you. So let’s dive in, discover and dream about these darling names!

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Danielle Brooks, the acclaimed actress from ‘Orange is the New Black’, and Demi Lovato, the internationally successful singer and songwriter, are just a couple of the influential figures with names starting with D. These names carry a strong legacy and can inspire your little one as she carves her own path.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. DaisyDaysi, DeysiDay’s eye
2. DanaDanah, DaynaGod is my judge
3. DelilahDalila, DelilaDelicate, weak
4. DanielleDaniela, DanieleGod is my judge
5. DaphneDafneLaurel tree
6. DarleneDarleen, DarlenaDear, loved one
7. DawnDawna, DawneThe first appearance of light before sunrise
8. DeannaDeana, DeeannaDivine
9. DebbieDebbi, DebbyBee
10. DeboraDeborah, DebraBee
11. DeniseDenice, DenisseFollower of Dionysius
12. DesireeDesarae, DesiraeDesired
13. DestinyDestinee, DestineyFate
14. DianaDeanna, DiannaDivine
15. DinaDinah, DynaJudged, vindicated
16. DoloresDelores, DolorsSorrows
17. DonnaDona, DoniaLady
18. DoraDori, DoriaGift
19. DorisDorris, DorysGift, bounty
20. DorothyDorothea, DorthyGod’s gift
21. DoveDova, DovieDove, bird of peace
22. DreamDreema, DremDream, joyous melody
23. DulceDulci, DulcieSweet
24. DylanDillan, DyllanGreat tide
25. DianneDiane, DyaneDivine
26. DakotaDakotah, DakodaFriend, ally
27. DallasDallis, DalisDwells by the waterfall
28. DarcyDarci, DarseyDark one
29. DariaDariya, DaryaWealthy
30. DarlaDarlah, DarllaDear, loved one
31. DavinaDavinah, DevinaBeloved
32. DeirdreDeedra, DierdreSorrowful
33. DelaneyDelanie, DelaineyFrom the alder grove
34. DeltaDeltha, DeltahFourth letter of Greek alphabet or mouth of river
35. DemiDemie, DemyHalf
36. DenverDenvar, DenverrGreen valley
37. DesdemonaDesdemone, DezdemonaUnfortunate, ill-fated
38. DevanyDevaney, DevanieDark-haired
39. DevonDevan, DevinPoet
40. DianthaDianthe, DyianthaFlower, godly
41. DixieDixi, DixyTenth
42. DominoDomina, DominyMaster, lord
43. DoryDoree, DoriGolden haired
44. DrusillaDruscilla, DrusilaStrong one
45. DruDrew, DrueMan, warrior
46. DashaDaisha, DoshaGod’s gift
47. DedraDeidra, DiedraSorrowful
48. DellaDela, DelleNoble
49. DuanaDwana, DwaynaDark, swarthy
50. DyaniDiani, DyanieDeer

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With D. We hope this guide has sparked your imagination and helped you find the perfect name for your future star. Stay inspired and continue exploring our wide range of baby name ideas on our site. Remember, every name is a universe of potential waiting to be discovered!

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