Discover the Magic in 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Ever felt that special touch in names starting with ‘C’? Let’s dive into a vivacious voyage to uncover 50 American baby girl names starting with this charming character. Each name is a hidden treasure, waiting to bestow uniqueness and strength upon your little one.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Savor the sweetness of ‘C’ with namesakes like Christina Aguilera, the phenomenal singer, or consider the powerful allure of Chelsea Clinton, an influential figure in American society. Obsessed with Hollywood? The adorable and talented Charlize Theron could be your muse. These trailblazers beautifully frame the character and depth of ‘C’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ChloeKhloe, CloeBlooming
ClaireClare, ClaraClear, bright
CamilaKamila, CamelaYoung ceremonial attendant
CharlotteCharolette, SharlotteFree man
CatherineKatherine, KathrynPure
ChristinaCristina, KristinaFollower of Christ
ChelseaChelsie, ChelseePort landing
CrystalKrystal, CristalIce or clear
CindyCyndy, SindieMoon goddess
CassidyCassady, KassidyCurly-haired
CoraKora, KorraMaiden
CarlyKarly, CarleyFree man
CarmenCarmon, KarmenSong
CeciliaCecelia, CiciliaBlind
CelineSelene, CeleneHeavenly
CynthiaCinthia, SynthiaMoon goddess
CadenceKadence, CaidanceRhythm
CallieKallie, CalleeBeautiful
CeliaSelia, ZeliaHeavenly
CelesteSeleste, CelesHeavenly
CharleneSharlene, CherleneFree man
CiaraSierra, KiaraDark
ClaudiaClodia, KlodiaLame
ClaraKlara, ClarraBright, clear
CaseyKasey, KaceyBrave in battle
CassandraKassandra, CasandraUnheeded prophetess
CarissaKarissa, CarrissaVery dear
CherSherr, SherryBeloved
CandaceCandice, KandaceQueen mother
ClarissaClarisa, KlarissaBright, clear
CalistaKalista, KallistaMost beautiful
ChanelShanel, ChanellCanal
ChantalShantal, ChantelStony
CleoClio, KlioGlory
CressidaKressida, CrestidaGold
ColetteKolette, ColletteVictory of the people
CamelliaKamellia, CammeliaThe Camellia flower
CatarinaKatarina, CaterinaPure
CharisKharis, KarisGrace, kindness
CaleyKaley, CaleeSlender
CupcakeKupcake, KabecakeSweet and delightful
CharmaineCharmayne, SharmaineSong
CarlottaKarlotte, CarlotaFree man
CicelySisely, SicilyBlind
CapriceCaprise, KapriceImpulsive change
CoralieCoralie, KoralyCoral
CosetteKozette, CasetteLittle thing

Thank you for journeying with us through our list of 50 American baby girl names beginning with ‘C’. Your child’s name is a precious gift that’ll guide their path, so make sure it’s an inspiring one. Ready to explore more? Browse through our other baby name lists and let us add a sprinkle of magic to your naming adventure. Our doors are always open for your visit. Happy naming!

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