50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With B: Make Your Little One Stand Out

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Naming your little one is like welcoming the first ray of sunshine. Drenching you in warmth and love, it’s the first piece of identity you gift your darling. And with our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With B, you’re sure to find that perfect, heartfelt name.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With B

One such name, Brooke, was carried with grace by the award-winning actress Brooke Shields. Bridget, another stunning B name, reminds us of the formidable Bridget Moynahan, known for her roles in power-packed dramas. And who can forget the adorable Beatrice, as in Beatrice “Beezus” Quimby from the beloved children’s book series by Beverly Cleary?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BellaBela, BelahBeautiful
2. BethBethan, BethanyHouse of God
3. BrookeBrook, BrooklynStream
4. BriannaBreanna, BryanaNoble
5. BaileyBailley, BayleighBailiff
6. BiancaBlanca, BioncaWhite, Fair
7. BridgetBrigitte, BrigidStrength or Exalted One
8. BriaBrea, BreeaNoble, Strong
9. BeatriceBea, BeatrixShe who brings happiness
10. BethanyBethanie, BethaniHouse of figs
11. BrendaBrendah, BrendiSword
12. BonnieBonni, BonnyPretty, Good
13. BeverlyBeverley, BeverlieBeaver Stream
14. BrandyBrandie, BrandiBrandy
15. BelindaBellinda, BelindahPretty Snake
16. BessBessy, BessiePledged to God
17. BerthaBerta, BertheBright One
18. BrittanyBritney, BrittneyFrom Britain
19. BlytheBlithe, BlythCheerful, Carefree
20. BlairBlaire, BlayreField, Plain
21. BerniceBerniece, BerniseBringer of Victory
22. BelvaBellva, BelvahBeautiful View
23. BlossomBlossam, BlosumFlower-Like
24. BrettBret, BrettaFrom Brittany
25. BarbaraBarbra, BaraForeign woman
26. BlancheBlanch, BlankaWhite, Fair
27. BrissaBrisia, BreesahGlowing
28. BrinleyBrinlee, BrynleeBurnt Meadow
29. BristolBrystol, BristalSite of the Bridge
30. BillieBilly, BilliDetermination, Strength
31. BrynnBryn, BrynneHill
32. BerylBeryle, BeryllSea-green jewel
33. BryonyBriony, BryonieVine
34. BuffyBuffi, BuffieGod’s Promise
35. BambiBambie, BambyChild
36. BronteBronti, BronnteThunder
37. BeulahBeula, BuellaMarried
38. BereniceBernise, BereniseShe who brings victory
39. BryanaBriana, BryannaStrong, Virtuous, Noble
40. BobbiBobby, BobbieBright Fame
41. BrandiBrandy, BrandyeBrandy Drink
42. BeliciaBelisa, BelishaDedicated to God
43. BernadetteBernadete, BernadettaBrave as a bear
44. BetteBet, BettGod is my Oath
45. BirdieBirdee, ByrdieLittle Bird
46. BashaBasia, BasyaStranger
47. BarraBarrah, BerraSpear
48. BethelBethell, BetheleHouse of God
49. BessieBessy, BessiPledged to God
50. BinaBeena, BenaKnowledge

Thank you for journeying with us through our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With B. We hope you found it inspiring and perhaps even discovered the perfect name for your little lady. Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here—there are more amazing baby names waiting to be discovered on our site. Happy naming!

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