50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With B: Create Your Little Legend

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Hey there, mom-to-be! If you’re just as excited as we are about the adventure of choosing your baby boy’s name, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of 50 fantastic American baby boy names starting with B to inspire and delight you.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Choosing a name is a significant first step in defining your child’s identity. To help inspire you, let’s explore some notable people with American baby boy names starting with B. Think Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers; Brad Pitt, Hollywood heartthrob and philanthropist; and Bill Gates, a game-changing entrepreneur. These namesakes could potentially inspire your baby boy’s journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BenjaminBen, Benji, BennySon of the right hand
BradleyBrad, BraddBroad clearing
BrandonBrand, BrandoBroom-covered hill
BrianBryan, BrienHigh, noble
BlakeBlak, BlaykeDark-haired
BrettBret, BretteFrom Brittany
BrockBroc, BrokBadger
BryceBrice, BrysSpeckled
ByronByran, ByrenBarn for cows
BrantBrandt, BranttFirebrand
BernardBern, BernieBrave bear
BarthBart, BartholBart-son
BrentBrentley, BrentlyFrom the steep hill
BaxterBax, BaxieBaker
BartleyBart, BartelBirch grove
BallardBall, BalladBall
BertramBert, BertiBright raven
BlaineBlain, BlaynThin
BradenBray, BradanDescendant of Bradán
BurgessBurg, BurgesCitizen
BarrettBarrie, BarryBear-like
BeverlyBev, VerlyBeaver meadow
BowenBow, BoeSon of Owen
BinghamBing, BinHome
BerkeleyBerk, BerkleeThe birch tree meadow
BurnellBurn, NelSmall brown one
BradshawBrad, ShawFrom the broad forest
BransonBran, SonSon of Brand
BeckettBeck, BecketBeehive
BrysonBry, BrysSon of Brice
BurrellBurl, BurelSmall fortified tower
BriggsBrig, BrigsBridges
BrentonBren, BrentFrom the burnt town
BanksBank, BankesEdge of the river
BroderickBrod, RickPower, rule
BradfordBrad, FordFrom the broad ford
BromleyBrom, LeyMeadow where broom grows
BuckBuk, BuckleyMale deer
BenedictBen, BennyBlessed
BostonBos, BozRock
BeckhamBeck, HamHomestead by the stream
BarnabyBarn, BarnaSon of consolation
BardBardo, BardeMinstrel, poet
BarclayBark, BarkleyBirch tree meadow
BanningBan, BingSmall and fair
BaldwinBald, WinBold friend
BancroftBanc, CroftArea cleared by beans
BrevinBrev, VinBridge edge
BevisBev, VisBowman
BooneBoon, BooneyGood, a blessing
BaylorBay, LorHorse trainer
BartlettBart, LettSon of Tollett

Now, that’s a wrap on our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With B. We believe every name has the power to shape a child’s identity and journey. We hope you found something exciting that resonated with you here. Don’t limit your exploration, though; we’ve got heaps more baby name inspiration lying in wait on our site. Happy naming, and thank you for choosing us to join you on this incredible journey!

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