50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With A: Unearth Hidden Gems Here

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Embarking on picking the perfect name for your princess can be quite the adventure. Our curated list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With A will surely ignite your inspiration and make the process a delightful journey.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Let’s take a peek at some influential people sporting these beautiful names. ‘Ava’ brings to mind the iconic Ava Gardner, a shining star from Hollywood’s Golden Age. ‘Alexis’ reminds us of Alexis Bledel, the adored actress in Gilmore Girls. Then, of course, there’s Amelia Earhart, the trailblazing aviator whose name sparks adventure and bravery.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AnnaAna, AnnGrace
AbigailAbbey, AbbyFather’s joy
AveryAveri, AverieRuler of the elves
AmeliaAmelie, EmiliaIndustrious
AddisonAddie, AddySon of Adam
AubreyAubree, AubriElf ruler
AriaArya, AriyaMelody
AutumnAutumSeason of harvest
AlexaAlexis, AlexiaDefender
AllisonAlison, AlysonNoble kind
AdalynnAdelyn, AdalynNoble kind
AriannaAriana, AryanaVery holy
AdriannaAdriana, AdryanaDark one
AliceAlicia, AlyceOf nobility
AngelinaAngela, AngieMessenger of God
AriellaArielleLion of God
AnastasiaAna, StasiaResurrection
AaliyahAliyah, AleahExalted
AlainaAlayna, ElainaRock
ArielArielle, AerialLion of God
AmyAimee, AmiBeloved
AdelineAdelyn, AdalynNoble
AshlynAshlynn, AshlinDream
AndreaAndria, AndraBrave
AprilApryl, AprillTo open
AlanaAlanna, AlannahRock
AthenaAthina, AtheneGoddess of wisdom and war
AlyssaAlissa, ElissaNoble kind
AdelaideAdelaida, AdelajdaNoble kind
AngieAngi, AngelAngel, Messenger of God
AmayaAmaiaNight rain
AnnabellaAnabellaGraceful beauty
AimeeAmy, AmieBeloved
ArielleAriel, AriellaLion of God
AlexaLexi, LexieDefender
AmandaMandy, MandieWorthy of love
AlondraAlandra, AlondrahLark
AinsleyAinslee, AynsleyOne’s own meadow
AudrinaAudriannaNoble strength
AntoniaToni, TonyaPriceless one
AzaleaAzalia, AzaelaDry Earth
AryaAria, AriyaNoble
AllyAllie, AliNoble kind
AubreeAubrey, AubriElf ruler
AmaraAmarah, AmarraGrace
AspenAspin, AspynTree name
AnayaAniya, AnayahLook up to God

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With A. We hope you’ve found a name—or perhaps a few—that speak to your heart. The journey of names doesn’t end here, though. Feel the excitement continue as you explore more of our interesting baby name lists on our site, just waiting to inspire you. Happy naming, mama!

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