50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With A: Timeless and Distinctive

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Hello, mama-to-be! Choosing a name for your little one can be a journey filled with excitement and significance. To help you on this journey, we’ve gathered 50 American baby boy names starting with A, each filled with charm and personality. Enjoy exploring – your baby’s future name may be on this list!

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Many influential figures bear some of the stunning names we have listed. For instance, Aaron Rodgers, the remarkable NFL quarterback, and Abraham Lincoln, one of the most esteemed U.S. Presidents. Their achievements add a certain panache to these names beginning with A. So, who knows? Your little one might share a name with a notable figure!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AaronAron, ArronHigh Mountain
AdamAdan, AdemMan, To Make
AidanAiden, AdanLittle Fire
AlbertAl, AlbieNoble, Bright
AlecAleck, AlexDefender of Men
AlexanderAlex, AlekDefender of Men
AlfredAlfie, FredWise Counselor
AndrewAndy, DreManly, Brave
AngeloAngel, AngelusMessenger of God
AnthonyTony, TonyPriceless
ArcherArchie, ArchBowman
ArnoldArnie, ArnoRuler, Strong
ArthurArt, ArtieBear, Thor, Eagle
AshtonAsh, AsherAsh Tree Town
AustinAust, AustieGreat, Magnificent
AveryAverie, AveriRuler of Elves
AxelAxl, AckselFather of Peace
AlvinAl, VinNoble Friend
AndreDre, AndiManly, Brave
AllanAl, AllenHandsome, Comely
AbelAbe, AbleBreath, Vapour
AsherAsh, AsheHappy, Blessed
AlecAlek, AleckDefender of Men
AliAlec, AllenExalted, Noble
ApolloApolo, PoleManly Beauty
ArnoldArnie, ArnEagle, Power
AshtonAsh, StoneAsh Tree Town
AmbroseAmby, BroseImmortal, Divine
AmosMoz, AmBurdened, Troubled
AnsonSonny, AnsSon of Ann
AntonTony, AntoniPriceless, Invaluable
ArloArlow, ArloweHill, Army
ArmstrongArmie, StrongStrong Arms
ArturoArt, ArtieBear, Thor, Eagle
AsaAsah, AsaelHealer, Doctor
AugustusGus, AugustGreat, Magnificent
AveryAvi, AverieRuler of Elves
AxtonAx, AxtinSword Stone
AzrielAz, AzzyGod is My Help
AbelardoAbel, AbeResolute, Keeper of the Abbey’s Food
AbramAbe, BramHigh Father
AchillesAchill, KillianPain
AdonisDon, DonnyLord
AeneasEnni, EnasTo Praise
AesopAes, EsoUnknown, Fable Storyteller
AgamemnonAga, MemnonVery Steadfast
AjaxA, AxEagle
AmadeusAmadeo, DeusLover of God
AnakinAna, KinWarrior

Thank you for taking the time to peruse our list of 50 American baby boy names starting with A. We hope these ideas have brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. Remember, there’s a world of baby name inspiration waiting for you on our site. Get inspired and continue your naming journey with us!

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