50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With C: Unleashing Character & Charm

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Choosing a name for your baby boy isn’t just about what sounds pleasant to the ear; it’s about capturing the very spirit you hope your child will embody. With ‘C’ as our compass, let’s dive into 50 American baby boy names that celebrate warmth, strength, and the unique charm only a ‘C’ can bring.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With C

From the charismatic Chris Evans, our beloved Captain America, to the insightful tech innovator, Craig Newmark, creator of Craigslist, the world has seen many influential figures with ‘C’ names. These luminaries inspire us, and their names live on, merging individualism and familiarity in the most delightful way.

NameCommon variationsMeaning
CalebKaleb, Cale, CableFaithful, wholehearted
ConnorConor, Konnor, KonnerLover of hounds
ChristianChris, Kristian, CristianFollower of Christ
CarterKarter, Cartier, CarthyTransporter of goods by cart
CooperKooper, Couper, KuperBarrel maker
CameronCamron, Kameron, CamrenCrooked nose
ChaseChace, Chasen, ChayceHuntsman
CadenKaden, Cayden, CaidenFighter
CarsonKarsen, Karson, CasonSon of the marsh-dwellers
CollinColin, Collyn, CollanYoung pup
ClaytonKlayton, Cleighton, ClatonTown built on clay
CodyCodi, Kody, CodeyHelpful
CashCashus, Kesh, CashasWealthy man
ChanceChanz, Chantz, ChhanceFortune
ColtonColten, Kolton, CoaltonFrom the coal town
ClarkClarke, Klerk, ClerkClerk, scholar
CyrusSyrus, Cyris, CirrusSun
ClintonClinten, Klinton, ClentonTown on a hill
ClaudeClaudio, Clodio, CloudeLame, crippled
CesarCaesar, Ceasar, CeaserHairy
CraigKraig, Creg, CraegFrom the crag
ClevelandCleaveland, Cliveland, KlivelandFrom the cliff land
ChadChadd, Chadde, ChadeWarrior
CaesarCesar, Ceaser, CeasarLong-haired
ChandlerChandle, Chandel, ChaandlerCandle maker
CecilCecill, Cecyl, CeceilBlind
CarlKarl, Karrl, CarllFarmer
ClementKlement, Cleamond, ClemontMerciful, gentle
CaseyCacey, Kasey, KaceyVigilant in war
CliveKlive, Clivey, ClyveFrom the cliff
ChesterChet, Chestar, ChestorFrom the camp of soldiers
ColeKohl, Kole, CoalePeople’s victory
ConradKonrad, Conrade, KonradeBrave counsel
KirkKerk, Kyrk, KirckChurch
CurtisKurtis, Kortis, CortisCourteous, polite
CoreyKory, Korey, CoryHollow
CorbinKorbin, Corben, CorbanRaven
CullenKullen, Cullan, KullanHandsome
CarloKarlo, Charlo, CarlloManly
CarltonCharlton, Kurlton, CarltunPeasants’ settlement
CampbellKambell, Camble, CambelCrooked mouth
CyrusSyrus, Cyrys, CirrusLord, sun
CedricSedric, Cedrik, SedrikLoved by all
CyrusSyrus, Cyrys, CirrusLord, sun
CliffordCliford, Clyfford, KliffordFord by a cliff
CliftonKlifton, Clyfton, ClifftonFrom the town near the cliff
CorwinKorwin, Corwyn, CorwynnFriend of the heart
CalvinCalvyn, Kalvin, CalvinoBald
CaleKale, Caile, KayleBold, brave

We wholeheartedly thank you for journeying through our list of 50 American baby boy names starting with C. Selecting a name for your child is an incredible journey all its own, and we hope that our curated list has sparked ideas, lit up paths, and perhaps even pinpointed the perfect name for your little one. For more inspiration on baby names, feel free to explore other articles on our site. Happy naming!

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