A Comprehensive Guide to 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With D

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Hello, fabulous mom-to-be! Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, and we’re here to help. Discover our charming list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With D, each one carefully curated just for you.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With D

From the big screen to the music stage, names starting with D have made their mark. Think Daniel Radcliffe, charming us all as Harry Potter, or David Bowie, the music icon who constantly redefined himself. Even in sports, names like Derek Jeter stand out, leaving their indelible footprint on baseball history.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DanielDan, Danny, DaniGod is my Judge
DavidDave, Davy, DavisBeloved
DylanDillan, Dillon, DylonSon of the sea
DerekDerick, Derrick, DerykThe people’s ruler
DevinDevan, Devon, DevynPoet
DominicDom, Domenic, DominikOf the Lord
DeanDeen, DeneValley, hollow
DariusDareus, Dario, DarriusWealthy
DakotaDakotah, DakodaFriend, ally
DawsonDaw, DawsynSon of David
DrewDrue, DruWise
DouglasDoug, Douglass, DougieDark water
DamienDamian, Damion, DaymianTo tame
DionDeon, Dionn, DeionGod of wine and revelry
DesmondDes, Desi, DesmundFrom South Munster
DonovanDonavan, Donovon, DonovynDark chieftain
DaxDaxx, DaxtonLeader
DaleDael, Dalen, DallinValley
DamonDaemon, Dameon, DaymonTo tame, subdue
DwayneDuane, Dwain, DewayneDark, black
DeaconDeakin, Deakon, DekeServant, messenger
DenisDennis, Dennys, DenysGod of wine
DexterDextar, Dextor, DexSkilled
DallasDal, Dalis, DallisMeadow dwelling
DarianDarrian, Darien, DarionUpholder of the good
DarrenDarran, Darrin, DarrynGreat
DaytonDaiton, Dayten, DaytinDay’s town
DannyDani, Dannye, DannieGod is my Judge
DukeDukie, DukesLeader, noble
DustyDustie, Dustyn, DustanFighter, brave warrior
DaleyDailey, Daily, DalyAssembly, council
DixonDickson, Dixen, DixunSon of Richard
DarnellDarnall, DarnelHidden place
DarcyDarcie, Darcey, DarciDark one
DrakeDrayke, Draike, DrakeDragon
DempseyDempsy, DempsieProud
DravenDravin, Dravon, DravynHunter
DorseyDorcey, Dorsie, DarcyDark sea
DurantDuran, Durand, DuranteEnduring
DudleyDudlee, Dudly, DudliPeople’s field
DoyleDoyel, Doyale, DoyalDark stranger
DashiellDashel, Dashiel, DashPage boy
DreyDre, Drai, DraeTurn, revolution
DonnieDoni, Donny, DonniWorld ruler
DuffDuffi, Duffie, DuffyDark, swarthy
DougallDougal, Dougle, DugallDark stranger
DrakefordDrakford, DraykefordDragon’s ford
DougrayDougrei, Dougrey, DugrayDark stranger, grey-haired
DenningDenning, Dening, DenninSon of Dennis

Thank you for diving into our list of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With D. We hope it’s sparked some inspiration for you. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is waiting to be discovered. Explore more of our intriguing baby name lists and let us accompany you on this beautiful baby naming adventure.

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