50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With W: Discover a Special Name

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Welcome, brave name seekers! Embarking on the thrilling journey of parenthood? Our curated list of 50 American baby boy names starting with W is here to inspire you and make this journey memorable.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Did you know? There are countless successful and influential people with names starting with W. From the well-loved Hollywood actor Will Smith, to the iconic musician Willie Nelson, and even the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Woodrow Wilson, their names speak of strength and charisma.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WilliamWill, Bill, WillieResolute protector
WalterWalt, WallyArmy ruler
WarrenWarrGuardian, park-keeper
WesleyWesWestern meadow
WyattWy, WyeBrave in war
WinstonWin, WinnieJoy stone
WilburWill, WilbBright, resolute
WadeWad, WaidRiver crossing
WestonWest, WesWestern town
WalkerWalk, WallyCloth walker
WatsonWat, WatsSon of Walter
WallaceWally, AceStranger, foreigner
WynnWyn, WinFriend
WilfredWill, FreddyDesiring peace
WayneWane, WayWagon maker
WendellWen, DellWanderer
WarnerWarn, ErnieArmy guard
WilsonWill, SonnySon of William
WellsWell, EllsFrom the spring
WhitmanWhit, MannyWhite man
WashingtonWash, GtonTown of Wassa’s people
WilmerWill, MerFamous desire
WebberWebb, EbbWeaver
WynstonWyn, StonJoy stone
WoodrowWoody, RowRow of houses by the wood
WintonWin, TonPasture town
WiltonWill, TonFarm near springs
WylieWy, LieBeguiling
WhitfieldWhit, FieldFrom the white field
WestleyWest, LeyWestern meadow
WaldenWald, DenValley of the Welsh
WardenWard, DenGuard
WillardWill, ArdBrave desire
WhitakerWhit, AkerWhite field
WaverlyWave, RlyMeadow of quivering aspens
WestinWest, TinWestern town
WilburnWill, BurnSpring by a stream
WeldonWel, DonHill near a spring
WaldoWald, DoRuler
WindsorWind, SorRiverbank with a windlass
WittWit, IttWise
WacoWa, CoIndian Tribes of Muskhogean Origin
WinchesterWinn, ChesterCamp Fort
WilloughbyWill, ByFarm by the willows
WardellWard, DellWatchman’s hill
WindellWind, DellWindy valley
WarrickWar, RickStrong leader who defends
WinterWin, TerBorn in winter
WoodsonWood, SonSon of the wood
WellingtonWell, TonWealthy estate
WhitmoreWhit, MoreFrom the white moor
WycliffeWy, CliffeFrom the white cliff
WaylandWay, LandLand by the road

Thank you for joining us on this enchanting journey through 50 American baby boy names starting with W. We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your little one’s name. Remember, a name is much more than just a tag. It’s an identity, a celebration of life. So choose the one that speaks to your heart. For more baby name ideas, don’t forget to explore our comprehensive lists on the site. Happy name-hunting!

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