50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With W: Find the Perfect Match

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Choosing your baby’s name is like unwrapping a precious gift—it’s exciting, joyful, and a little bit nerve-wracking. Our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With W is here to guide you on this beautiful journey.

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With W

When it comes to names starting with W, actress Whoopi Goldberg and esteemed novelist Willa Cather come to mind. As trailblazers in their fields, these remarkable women could be the namesake inspiration for your baby girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WandaVanda, WandahA Slavic Name meaning “Shepherdess; wanderer”
2. WillowWilla, WilleminaSymbol of grace and elegance, derived from the Willow Tree
3. WendyWendi, WendaAn English name meaning “Friend”
4. WhitneyWhittney, WhitneeFrom the white island
5. WinonaWynona, WenonaNative American name meaning “First-born daughter”
6. WinterWynter, WintarCold season of the year
7. WilmaWilna, VilmaShortened form of Wilhelmina, meaning “with helmet”
8. WynneWynn, WinWelsh name meaning “fair, pure”
9. WaverlyWaverley, WaverleeMeans “meadow of quivering aspens”
10. WinifredWinnie, WinifridMeans “peacemaker”
11. WallisWallice, WallysFrom Wallis, France
12. WednesdayWendesday, WednsedayNamed after the fourth day of the week
13. WrenWrenn, WrynnA small, brown songbird
14. WesleeWesley, WesliaWestern meadow
15. WinsletWinslett, WinsletteFrom Wynn’s cottage
16. WindsorWendsor, WindsirRiverbank with a winch
17. WyldaWilda, WylidaUntamed or wild
18. WylieWyllie, WyliCharming, beguiling
19. WakandaWakandah, WakandiaInner magical power
20. WilonaWilowna, WilohnaDesired
21. WinolaWenola, WynolaCharming friend
22. WindaWindah, WyndaHunting
23. WanetaWanetta, WanitaCharger
24. WileyWyley, WiliCrafty
25. WaldaWaldah, WoldeRuler
26. WilletaWilletta, WilleteResolute protector
27. WafaaWafa, WaffaLoyalty
28. WalkyriaValkyria, WalcyriaChooser of the slain
29. WardaWardah, WardeRose
30. WhitlieWhitly, WhitliWhite meadow
31. WiloughbyWilloughby, WillougbyFarm close to willows
32. WisteriaWistaria, WysteriaVine flower
33. WinnonaWenona, WinonnaFirst-born daughter
34. WensleyWenslie, WensleeClearing with a pasture
35. WelthaWelthea, WeltheOf value
36. WencheWench, WenkeFrom “family” and “strength”
37. WeemaWeam, WeimaCotton
38. WambleeWambli, WambleEagle
39. WensdayWednesday, WensedayFourth day of the week
40. WiktoriaViktoria, VictoriaVictory
41. WallieWally, WalleeStranger, foreigner
42. WaitstillWaitstil, WaytstillStrong-hearted
43. WaynettaWanetta, WainettaWagon maker
44. WestlynWestlin, WestlynnWestern lake
45. WindyWindi, WyndieFree-spirited
46. WickliffWycliff, WickcliffeVillage on the bend
47. WhitbyWhitbee, WhitbeyWhite farmstead
48. WeatherlyWetherly, WeatherliWhere wether-sheep graze
49. WaterlilyWaterlyli, WaterliliWater lily flower
50. WileenWyleen, WilleenFirm defender

Thank you for joining us on this delightful excursion through 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With W. We hope you’ve found a name that not only resonates with you, but will also inspire your little one as she makes her mark on the world. Continue your naming journey with our other curated lists, where a world of unique and beautiful names awaits!

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