American Baby Girl Names Beginning With V

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Embarking on the fascinating journey of naming your little princess? If you’re magnetized to names starting with ‘V’, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our list of American baby girl names beginning with V!

Notable People with ‘V’ Names

In the world of fame, the letter ‘V’ has graced many successful women. Take for instance, the celebrated singer ‘Vanessa Williams’, the talented actress ‘Viola Davis’, or the influential fashion designer ‘Vera Wang’. These women lend a touch of star power to ‘V’ names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ValerieValeria, Valery, ValarieStrength, Health
2. VanessaVaneza, Vannesa, VenessaButterfly
3. VioletViola, Violette, ViolettaPurple flower
4. VictoriaVicky, Vicki, ViktoriaVictory
5. VivianVivien, Vivienne, ViviannaAlive, Living
6. VeraVerah, Verena, VerinaTruth
7. VerityVeritie, Veretie, VeretyTruth
8. VirginiaVirginie, Virgina, VirgiePure
9. VedaVedah, Vedda, VeedaKnowledge, Wisdom
10. VenusVenis, Veenus, VennusGoddess of Love
11. VeronaVeronna, Veronia, VerohnaTruth
12. VernaVernia, Vernah, VerneaSpring
13. VestaVestia, Vestah, VestyHearth, Fireplace
14. ViolaViolah, Vyola, VioleViolet
15. VelmaVelmah, Vellma, VelmmaStrong Protector
16. VerniceVerneice, Verenice, VeraniceSpring Green
17. VivicaVivika, Viveca, VivekaAlive, Living
18. VickyVicki, Vikki, ViquiVictory
19. VenusVeenus, Vynus, VeenisGoddess of Love
20. VondaVanda, Vondra, VonnaWomanly
21. VaniaVanya, Vannah, VaniahGod’s Gracious Gift
22. VilmaVilmar, Vilmas, VilmarieResolute Protector
23. VelaVelah, Veyla, VaylaCoast, Shore
24. VesperVespera, Vespers, VesperiaEvening Star
25. ValeskaValiska, Valesca, ValesciaGlorious Ruler
26. VelvetteVelvet, Velvett, VelvitSoft, Smooth
27. VerleeVerlie, Verleigh, VerleaBeaver Stream
28. ValinaValena, Valenah, ValynaHealthy, Strong
29. ValeriaValarie, Valaria, ValleriaStrength, Health
30. VernonicaVernona, Vernonica, VernonikaBringing Victory
31. ViaVeah, Viah, ViyaRoad, Way
32. VikaVyka, Vicka, VekaVictory
33. VikiVicky, Vicki, VikkiVictory
34. VinaVena, Vyna, VinahBeloved
35. VinetteVinetta, Vinetta, VynetteVineyard
36. VivaVeeva, Vyva, VeavaAlive, Living
37. VivinaVivena, Vevina, VyvinaAlive, Living
38. VixenVyxen, Vixan, VyxanFemale Fox
39. VoletaVyoleta, Volita, VioletaVeiled
40. VondraVandra, Vondrah, VyndraWomanly
41. VyoletteViolette, Vyolett, VyolettaViolet
42. VysantheVysanth, Vysantha, VysanteGolden Flower
43. VyolaViola, Viole, VeyolaViolet
44. ValenciaValensia, Valencie, ValynciaStrength, Health
45. VashtiVashtie, Vashati, VashtyBeautiful
46. VegasVeygas, Vaygas, VegazMeadows
47. VesperaVesper, Vespere, VesperaeEvening Star
48. ViannaVyanna, Veyanna, VianahAlive, Living
49. ViridisVyridis, Vireedis, VeridisGreen
50. VossVosse, Vosc, VosFox
Thanks for exploring our curated list of American baby girl names beginning with V. We hope it’s sparked some ideas and brought you closer to finding that perfect name for your little darling. Enjoy the magic of naming and remember to check out more of our themed baby name lists on our site for fresh inspiration. Happy naming journey!

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