50 American Baby Boy Names Starting with R: Unleash the Magic

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Hey, mommy-to-be! Looking for unique, dazzling names that start with ‘R’ for your little boy? Well, lady luck is smiling at you! Dive into our pool of 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting with R and make naming an absolute breeze.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting with R

From the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. to the innovative Richard Branson, ‘R’-names have long been associated with remarkable personalities. These luminaries remind us of the charm, power, and versatility of boy names beginning with an ‘R’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RobertRob, Bobby, BertBright Fame
2. RichardRich, Rick, RickyBrave Ruler
3. RaymondRay, RedWise Protector
4. RyanRian, RayanLittle King
5. RalphRalf, RaoulWolf Counsel
6. ReedReid, RedRed-Haired
7. RolandRolly, LannieFamous in the Land
8. RodneyRod, RoddyIsland Clearing
9. RileyRylee, RyleyRye Clearing
10. RussellRuss, RustyRedhead, Fox-Colored
11. RoderickRod, RickyFamous Ruler
12. ReggieReg, RennyRuler’s Advisor
13. RogerRog, HodgeFamous Spear
14. ReubenRube, BenBehold, A Son
15. RandyRand, AndyShield’s Edge
16. RomanRome, RomyOf Rome
17. ReeceRees, RhysEnthusiasm
18. RoryRori, RorieRed King
19. RudyRudi, RudieFamous Wolf
20. RafaelRafe, RalphGod has Healed
21. RaulRaoul, RalfWolf Counsel
22. RicoRiko, RickBrave Ruler
23. RoccoRock, RockyRest
24. RenzoLorenz, LorenFrom Laurentum
25. RowanRoan, RohanLittle Redhead
26. RiverRyver, RivStream
27. RhettRhette, RheteAdvice
28. RemingtonRemy, RemiFrom the Raven Farm
29. RonanRonin, RononLittle Seal
30. RyderRidder, RiderHorseman
31. RoscoeRoss, RoccoDeer Wood
32. RossRosse, RosHeadland
33. RoyceRoyse, RoiseRoyal
34. RemyRemi, RemieOarsman
35. RidgeRidg, RiggRidge
36. RamiroRami, MiroFamous Counsel
37. RubinRuben, RubanBehold, A Son
38. RipleyRip, RiplieShouting Man’s Meadow
39. RansomRansome, RamsenSon of the Shield
40. RooneyRoonie, RooniRed-Haired
41. RafeRafael, RalphWolf Counsel
42. RenRennie, RennLotus
43. RentonRent, TonSettlement of the Roe Deer
44. RaoulRaul, RolfWolf Counsel
45. RowlandRoland, RollieRenowned Land
46. RustonRustin, RustanRed Stone
47. RutherfordFord, RutherCattle Crossing
48. ReynoldRen, ReynaldoCounsel Power
49. RyleRyley, RileyIsland Meadow
50. RixRixon, RixenSon of Rick

Thank you for joining us on this whirlwind journey through 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting with R. We hope you found some fantastic choices that resonate with you and your soon-to-be bundle of joy. Don’t stop here though! Check out our other baby name lists on the site and let the naming adventure continue. Happy naming, mom-to-be!

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