Discover 50 American Baby Boy Names Starting With S for Your Future Star

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Cheers, mama-to-be! Picking the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey indeed. Step into our world of 50 American baby boy names starting with S to discover unique, inspiring, and powerful options for your future star.

Notable People With American Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Several famous figures share these American baby boy names starting with ‘S’. Take ‘Steven Spielberg,’ a powerhouse name in Hollywood’s history, or ‘Sean Combs,’ the influential rapper and entrepreneur. These names suggest a blend of creativity, power, and influence – qualities that might inspire your little one’s journey too!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SamuelSam, Sammie, Samil“Heard of God”
2. StevenSteve, Stevie, Stephan“Crown, Garland”
3. ScottScot, Scotto, Scotia“From Scotland”
4. SeanShaun, Shawn, Shaan“God is gracious”
5. StanleyStan, Stanly, Stanlee“Near the stony clearing”
6. SeamusSeumas, Shamus, Shaymus“Supplanter”
7. ShaneShan, Shaine, Shayne“God is gracious”
8. SorenSorenson, Sorenne, Sorena“Severe, austere”
9. SawyerSayer, Saywer, Sawer“Wood cutter”
10. SethSet, Sethe, Seta“Appointed”
11. SergioSerge, Sergi, Sergia“Servant”
12. SylvesterSylvestre, Syl, Silvester“From the forest”
13. SolomonSol, Sollie, Solman“Peace”
14. SimonSymon, Simone, Simeon“He has heard”
15. SpencerSpence, Spenser, Spen“Steward”
16. SilasSylas, Silos, Sylos“Man of the forest”
17. StormStormy, Storme, Stor“Tempest”
18. StellanStellans, Stellanis, Stellano“Calm, peaceful”
19. SterlingStirling, Ster, Sterlyn“Little star”
20. ShepherdShep, Shepperd, Sheppey“Sheep Keeper”
21. SaulSaule, Saoul, Sal“Asked for, prayed for”
22. SalvadorSalvator, Sal, Salva“Savior”
23. SimeonSimion, Simon, Simen“He who hears”
24. SchuylerSkylar, Skyler, Skeyler“Scholar”
25. SlaterSlatar, Slayter, Slator“Slate worker”
26. SampsonSamson, Sanson, Sammson“Sun”
27. SeymourSemyour, Semour, Seymore“Marshy Land Near the Sea”
28. SanfordSandford, Sandfurd, Sampford“Sandy ford”
29. ShermanShermon, Shermain, Shermin“Shearer of woolen cloth”
30. SelwynSelvin, Selvyn, Selwen“Friend in the castle”
31. SinclairSynclair, Sinclear, Sinklair“Bright, Clear”
32. SaxonSaxen, Saxton, Saxxon“Sword man”
33. SatchelSatchell, Satchal, Satchil“Bag, sack”
34. SheehanShihan, Shehan, Shiehan“Little peaceful one”
35. SulienSulian, Sulion, Suliun“Sun born”
36. ShilohShilo, Shylo, Shyloh“Peaceful”
37. SufjanSufyan, Sufjuan, Sufijan“Comes with a sword”
38. SorrellSorell, Sorrel, Sorrill“Reddish-brown”
39. ShaftonShaftun, Shaftan, Schafton“From the elegant estate”
40. StedmanStedmann, Stedmin, Stedmun“Dweller at the farmstead”
41. SheltonShelten, Sheltun, Sheltan“From the ledge estate”
42. ShiptonShiptun, Shiptan, Shypton“Sheep village”
43. SuttonSuton, Suttun, Sutten“South settlement”
44. SeftonSeftun, Seften, Sefton“Town near the rushes”
45. SheldonShelden, Sheldun, Sheledon“On a hill”
46. ShadShadd, Shadde, Shadie“Battle”
47. StrattonStrattun, Stratun, Straten“Town on the Roman road”
48. StokelyStokley, Stockley, Stokelee“Tree stump meadow”
49. StonewallStonewell, Stonewal, Stonwall“Stone wall”
50. SullySulle, Sullie, Sulli“South meadow”

And there you have it, a fascinating collection of 50 American baby boy names starting with S! We hope you’ve found some fantastic ideas to ponder. Thank you for joining us on this exciting naming journey. Remember, we have more lists of baby name ideas waiting for your exploration on our site. Happy naming!

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