Explore a World of Charm with 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting with R

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Choosing your baby’s name signifies the start of an exciting, love-filled journey. Our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With R offers you a blend of timeless classics and fresh, unique options – all set to help you discover that perfect moniker!

Notable People With American Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Think names like Reese, as in Reese Witherspoon, an actress and producer who’s won everyone’s heart with her charm. Or consider Rihanna, a Barbadian-American singer who has revolutionized the music and fashion world. These names starting with ‘R’ have made waves, and your little one could too!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RachelRachelle, RachaelEwe, Sheep
RebeccaRebeccah, RebekahTo Tie, To Bind
RoseRosie, RosalieFlower, Kindness
RobinRobyn, BobbieBright Fame
RosalindRosalinda, RosalynBeautiful Rose
ReginaRegine, ReynaQueen
RileyRylee, RyleighRye Clearing
ReneeRenae, RenéeReborn
RochelleRaquel, ShellyLittle Rock
RhodaRhodie, RodeaRose
RheaRea, RhiaFlowing Stream
RubyRubi, RubieRed Gemstone
RowanRowen, RoanLittle Red One
RoxanneRoxane, RoxieDawn
RuthRuthe, RouthFriend, Companion
RamonaMona, RomonaWise Protector
RitaReta, ReetaPearl
RaelynnRae, RaylynnGraceful
RainaRayna, RaineQueen
RayneRain, RaineQueen
RylieRyleigh, RyleeBrave
RyannRyan, RianLittle King
RavenRayven, RavynBlackbird
ReinaReyna, RaynaQueen
RoslynRoslin, RozlynPretty Rose
RemiRemy, RemieOarsman
RiverRivah, RivStream
RosarioRosaria, RoseRosary
RominaRomana, RomynaRoman Woman
RoxyRoxie, RoxiDawn
RosalynRosalynn, RoselynRose
RosannaRosana, RozannaGracious Rose
RaquelRachel, RachelleEwe
RosaleeRosalea, RosalieRose Field
RheaReya, RiaFlowing
RayleighRaleigh, RyleighMeadow of the Roe Deer
RhiannonRhianon, ReannonDivine Queen
RoxanaRoxanne, RoxanDawn
RosalieRosalee, RosaliaBright, Rose
RenataRenate, RenitaReborn
RinaReena, RenaJoy
RosaleneRosaleen, RosalineRose
RaniyahRaniya, RanyaGazing Upon
RemingtonRemingtyn, RemingtenFrom the Raven’s Estate
RosinaRosena, RozinaRose
ReynaReina, RaynaQueen
RobinaRubina, RobenaBright Fame
RosaliaRosalea, RosalieBright, Rose
RamyaRamiya, RemiyaDelightful
RobertaBobbie, BobbiBright Fame

And there you have it! We hope our list of 50 American Baby Girl Names Starting With R has sparked your imagination. Remember, every name has a story, and your child’s story is just about to unfold. Thanks for exploring with us! Feel inspired and want to explore more? Dive into our other naming lists [on our site](insert website here). Your baby’s perfect name may be just a click away!

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