50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With S: Crafting A Beautiful Legacy

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Choosing a name for your baby is a beautiful journey, full of excitement and anticipation. Our list of ’50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With S’ promises to make this journey even more thrilling, offering you a plethora of meaningful and elegant names!

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Did you know that Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest tennis players, bears an African name that starts with ‘S’? Or that award-winning writer, Sefi Atta, also shares this distinction? These remarkable women are just a couple examples of the successful figures that carry African girl names starting with ‘S’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SadeSadee, SadiHonor Confers a Crown
SalaSalla, SalaaGentle
SabraSabrah, SabrePatient
SafiaSafiya, SaffiyaPure, Untroubled
SagiraSaghira, SajiraLittle One
SaharSahara, SahariDawn
SaidaSayida, SaydaFortunate One
SakinaSakeena, SakinahPeaceful One
SalimahSaleemah, SalimaSafe, Healthy
SamiraSameera, SamirahCompanion in Evening Talk
SanaaSanaah, Sana’aWork of Art, Beauty
SaranSarani, SaraneJoyful
SefaSefah, SeyfaHappiness, Delight
SelamSellam, SalamPeace
SenweSenwae, SenwayDry Grain Stalk
ShanikaShanikah, ShaneekaYouthful
ShaniyaShaniyah, ShaneahMarvelous
SharifaShareefa, ShariffaNoble, Highborn
SimisolaSimisolah, SimisoleRest in Wealth
SomaSomah, SoomaGather
SubiraSubirah, SubeeraPatience
SudiSudie, SoodyLucky
SumaSumah, SoomaAsk
SunjataSunjat, SongiatHe Who Surprises
SurayaSurayah, SurayyaThe Pleiades
SefuSefue, SefooSword
SenaSenah, SennaThis World’s Beauty or Grace
SiaSiah, CeeyaHelper
SinitSinitt, SinetGod is gracious
SofanitSofanitt, SoofanitPure
SelamawitSelamawitt, SalamawitShe is her peace
SosinaSosinah, SoseenaShe is becoming beautiful
SelassieSelasssie, SelassiShe is three
SabolaSabolah, SabeolaTalked about
SamekiaSamekiah, SamekeahShe who is acknowledged
SamrawitSamrawitt, SamrawietShe is her unity
SosenaSosenah, SosinaShe is becoming beautiful
SabaSabah, SabbaMorning
SadikaSadikah, SadeekahTruthful
SalinaSalinah, SalyneMerciful
SenaitSenaite, SenayteGood luck
SeleneSelenne, SelennGod of the moon
SerkalemSerkalemm, SerkaalemShe is full of church (metaphor for She is pure)
SelamiteSelamitte, SelamyteFull of Peace
SelasSelass, SelazTrinity
SemiraSemirah, SemeeraFulfilled
ShebaShebah, ShebbaMorning
ShewaShewah, SheuwaBeauty
SoresaSoressa, SoresaRevival
SifrashSifrassh, SifraashGood news

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With S! We hope it’s not only been insightful but also sparked a sense of curiosity about the richness of African names. There’s a galaxy of other baby name ideas waiting for you on our site – feel free to dive into our other lists and let the name-choosing adventure continue!

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