50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With T That Are Truly Timeless

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be a thrilling journey. Our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with T is like a treasure chest, full of unique, powerful, and meaningful options to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With T

Names can have enormous influence, as seen with Tendaji – an African name meaning ‘makes things happen’. Tendaji Lathan, an esteemed American producer and director, certainly lives up to this. Then there’s Tinashe, a well-known American singer, whose name means ‘God is with us’. These figures beautifully exemplify how African baby boy names starting with T can inspire greatness.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. TafariTaffari, TafarieHe who inspires awe
2. TabariTabarie, TabareeAfter famous Muslim historian
3. TadeleshTadeleshe, TadeleschLucky
4. TajTahj, TajeCrown
5. TakondwaTakondwe, TakondwahWe are loved
6. TamirTamiyr, TamireRich man
7. TanoTanoh, TannoFifth-born child
8. TapiwaTapiwe, TapiwahGiven by God
9. TarekeTarekee, TarequeHistory
10. TarikuTarikue, TarikooHe is history
11. TayoTayoh, TayoeHe who brings joy
12. TendajiTendajie, TendajeeMakes things happen
13. ThaboThaboe, ThabowJoy
14. ThandieThandiee, ThandeyLoving one
15. ThembaThembah, ThembahhHope
16. ThulaniThulanee, ThulaneyBe quiet, be comforted
17. TibebuTibebue, TibebuuHe will replace
18. TinasheTinashie, TinashyGod is with us
19. TitoTitohe, TitoohEsteem, honor
20. ToluTolue, ToluhGod is worthy
21. TomlinTomlinn, TomlynTwin
22. TumeloTumeloh, TumeloeFaith
23. TupacTupack, TupakkWarrior
24. TundeTundee, TundyReturns
25. TunjiTunjee, TunjyAwakens
26. TaiwoTaiwoh, TaiwoeTaste of the world
27. TarellTarelle, TarellieThunder ruler
28. TonderaiTonderaie, TonderayFollow with love
29. TawandaTawandah, TawandaeWe are multiplied
30. TheronTherone, TheronnHunter
31. TendaiTendaie, TendayBe thankful
32. TumainiTumainie, TumainyHope
33. TimonTimone, TimonnHe who respects
34. TorTorr, ToreKing
35. TroryTrorrie, TrorrieFighter
36. ThulileThulilee, ThulileyQuiet one
37. TinasheTinashie, TinashaeGod is with us
38. TumeloTumeloe, TumelohFaith
39. TendaiTendaie, TendayBe thankful
40. TsholofeloTsholofeloe, TsholofelohHope
41. TumainiTumainie, TumainyHope
42. TumisangTumisange, TumisangyPraise God
43. TawandaTawandae, TawandahWe are multiplied
44. ThandizoThandizoe, ThandizohHelp
45. TsepoTsepoh, TsepoheHope
46. TafadzwaTafadzwah, TafadzwaeWe are pleased
47. ThulileThuliley, ThulileeQuiet one
48. TauTaw, ToweLion
49. ThabaniThabanie, ThabanyBe joyful
50. TumeloTumeloe, TumelowFaith

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with T. We hope it’s ignited your imagination and will help in giving your baby a name that speaks volumes about the wonderful person they’ll become. Keep the inspiration flowing by visiting other name lists on our site. Picking a name is a significant first step in your journey as a parent, and we’re delighted to be part of it. Happy naming!

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