Embrace Tradition: 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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Ladies, naming your baby is a big deal, right? It’s like whispering their destiny. Dive in as we explore 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘S’, a remarkable mix of strength, heritage, and meaning that will inspire you.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With S

It’s more than just a name, it’s a legacy. Take Selassie Atadika, a renowned chef, or Sipho Mpongo, an internationally acclaimed photographer. Their names are intrinsically linked to their African roots, empowering them to shine on global platforms and make their mark.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SabolaSabolahA name meaning “storyteller”
SadikiSadeeki, SadikieOne who is faithful
SagbetoSagbetoh, SagbetoeA name meaning “spirit of the ocean”
SakouSakowe, SakowoA name meaning “one who is understanding”
SambouSambowe, SambowoOne who prays
SamokeSamoki, SamokyA name meaning “honorable son”
SamoraSamorah, SamoreA name meaning “rules by himself”
SanakiSanakie, SanakyA name meaning “a lively individual”
SankofaSankofah, SankofiLearning from the past
SanosiSanosie, SanosyA name meaning “bright star”
SafoSafoa, SafowA name meaning “a star”
SefuSefuh, SefouA name meaning “sword”
SegunSegunah, SeguhnOne who is victorious
SekouSekow, SekoueA name meaning “learned”
SelasiSelasie, SelasyGod hears me
SenweSenweh, SenwaeA name meaning “farming”
SerebeSerebeh, SerebieA bright shining sun
SetouSetow, SetoA name meaning “paternal aunt’s son”
SeydouSeydowe, SeydowA name meaning “shining”
SibusisoSibusisoe, SibusisowA name meaning “blessing”
SidikiSidikie, SidikyOne who is faithful
SifisoSifisoe, SifisowA name meaning “wish”
SimbaSimbah, SimbeA name meaning “lion”
SindisoSindisoe, SindisowA name meaning “savior”
SiphoSiphowe, SiphoeA name meaning “gift”
SirajSirajah, SirajeA name meaning “lamp” or “light”
SizweSizwae, SizwaoA name meaning “nation”
SojaSojah, SojeA name meaning “soldier”
SolaniSolanie, SolanyOne who brings comfort
SontoSontoh, SontoeA name meaning “sunday”
SosiboSosiboe, SosibowA name meaning “family pillar”
SowetoSowetoh, SowetoeA name meaning “from the south”
SubiraSubirah, SubireOne who is patient
SudaisSudaise, SudaisyA name meaning “sixth”
SulaimanSulaimane, SulaimanyA name meaning “peace”
SuleSuleh, SuleeA name meaning “asked for”
SumaSumah, SumaeA name meaning “ask”
SwaySwaye, SwayaA name meaning “god’s way”
SydwellSydwelle, SydwellieA name meaning “gracious”
SizaniSizanie, SizanyA name meaning “be helpful”
SiyabongaSiyabongah, SiyabongaeA name meaning “we are grateful”
SkenjanaSkenjanah, SkenjanaeA name meaning “we are little”
SkhumbuzoSkhumbuzoe, SkhumbuzowA name meaning “reminder”
SifaneloSifaneloe, SifanelowA name meaning “example”
SibusisoSibusisoe, SibusisowA name meaning “blessing”
SinkwaSinkwah, SinkwaeA name meaning “we are one”
SipheleleSipheleleh, SipheleleeA name meaning “we are complete”
SiphosethuSiphosethuh, SiphosethueA name meaning “our gift”
SisekoSisekoe, SisekowA name meaning “foundation”
SivuyileSivuyileh, SivuyileeA name meaning “we are happy”

Wow, that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us on this journey through 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘S’. Remember, a name is the first gift you give to your baby. We hope our list inspired you to find a distinctive, meaningful choice for your little one. Excited for more? Explore our site for an array of baby name idea lists. Happy naming!

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