50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With N: Embrace Cultural Richness

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Choosing the perfect name for your soon-to-be little princess is an exciting journey, full of love and anticipation. Our list of 50 African baby girl names starting with N will inspire you with options that are profoundly meaningful, stylish, and rooted in rich culture.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With N

From the world of entertainment to sports, numerous notable women proudly bear African names starting with N. Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist Nneka has been making waves internationally with her music. Nigerian-American author Nnedi Okorafor is a renowned name in the field of fantasy and science fiction. Their achievements display the power and potential engraved in these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NiaNya, Nyah“Purpose” in Swahili
NgoziNgoza, Ngozee“Blessing” in Igbo
NomusaNomusah, Nomusia“Filled with compassion” in Zulu
NalediNaledee, Naledy“Star” in Tswana
NnekaNeka, Nekka“Mother is supreme” in Igbo
NontleNontleh, Nontlee“Beautiful one” in Xhosa
NomvulaNomvulah, Nomvullah“After the rain” in Zulu
NolwaziNolwazee, Nolwazia“Knowledgeable” in Zulu
NoxoloNoxola, Noxoloh“Peace” in Xhosa
NsiaNsea, Nseah“Sixth born child” in Akan
NthabisengNthabiseeng, Nthabyseng“Make me happy” in Sotho
NoniNonnie, Nonny“Gift of God” in Xhosa
NkoyoNkoyoh, Nkoya“Love” in Ibibio
NkemNkemm, Nkema“Mine” or “My own” in Igbo
NoluthandoNoluthandoh, Noluthandu“With love” in Zulu
NokuthulaNokuthulah, Nokuthulaa“Quiet and peace” in Ndebele
NolwandleNolwandlah, Nolwandlee“Ocean” in Zulu
NombuleloNombuleloh, Nombulelu“Gratitude” in Xhosa
NompumeleloNompumeleloh, Nompumelello“Success” in Zulu
NandiNandie, Nandee“Sweet” in Zulu
NthandaNthandah, Nthandaa“Star” in Tumbuka
NiaNyah, Nyia“Purpose” in Swahili
NengaNengah, Nengaa“Harvest” in Shona
NomalangaNomalangah, Nomalangga“Sunny” in Zulu
NyashaNyashah, Nyashaa“Mercy” in Shona
NkowaNkowah, Nkowaa“Love” in Bemba
NomsaNomssa, Nomsaa“Mother of kindness” in Zulu
NobuntuNobuntuh, Nobuntuu“Mother of kindness” in Ndebele
NkechiNkechii, Nkechee“God’s own” in Igbo
NiaNyah, Nya“Purpose” in Swahili
NolwennNolwen, Nolwenne“Holy one from royal lineage” in Breton
NyeletiNyeletii, Nyeletee“Star” in Tsonga
NyaraiNyarae, Nyaraie“Be humble” in Shona
NkiruNkiroo, Nkirew“The best is still to come” in Igbo
NkemdilimNkemdi, Nkemdee“May what is mine be mine” in Igbo
NtsakoNtsakoh, Ntsakoo“Happiness” in Tsonga
NjemaNjemah, Njemaa“Good” in Swahili
NantaleNantalee, Nantaley“Queen” in Luganda
NalukuiNaluky, Nalukie“Wisdom” in Lozi
NthakoNthakoh, Nthakoo“Gift” in Sotho
NyeusiNyeusii, Nyeusy“Black” in Swahili
NaisulaNaisulah, Naisulaa“Invincible woman” in Maasai
NneoraNneorah, Nneoraa“Mother is worth of treasure” in Igbo
NsunguNsunguh, Nsunguu“Gift” in Tonga
NunuraiNunuraie, Nunuraee“Do as you vowed” in Shona
NtswakiNtswakee, Ntswaky“Sweet person” in Sotho
NwamakaNwamakah, Nwamakaa“Child is good” in Igbo
NwabisaNwabisah, Nwabisaa“Invite with love” in Xhosa
NsukuNsukuh, Nsukuu“Day” in Tsonga
NolubabaloNolubabaloh, Nolubabaloo“Mother of grace” in Xhosa
NkosenyeNkosenyeh, Nkosenyee“Lady of the house” in Zulu
NanzalaNanzalah, Nanzalaa“Born during harvest season” in Tonga

Thank you for journeying through our inspired list of 50 African baby girl names starting with N. Choosing your baby’s name is a significant step, one that’s as exciting as it is important. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Dive into more of our baby name idea lists to find the perfect fit that lovingly resonates with your little one’s spirit.

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