50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With M: Give Your Baby a Strong Start

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Hey mama! Having trouble finding the perfect name for your little princess? We’ve curated 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With M for you. These names are unique, beautiful, and full of meaning – just like your baby will be!

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Spearheading this list is the accomplished Miriam Makeba, an exceptional Grammy-winning South African singer and civil rights activist. Then we have Mireille Enos, an American actress of French and Cameroonian descent, known for performances in ‘The Killing’ and ‘World War Z’. Lastly, let’s not forget Mpho Koaho, an award-winning Canadian actor with South African roots, making her mark with her powerful performances.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MakenaMakenna“The happy one” (Kikuyu)
MirembaMirimba“Peace” (Luganda)
MalaikaMalaeka“Angel” (Swahili)
MarjaniMarjaani“Coral” (Swahili)
MasaniMassanie“Trouble” (Swahili)
MwanashaWanaasha“Young life” (Swahili)
MudiwaMudiwah“Beloved” (Shona)
MaropengMaropengi“Return home” (Sotho)
MapenziMapensie“Love” (Swahili)
MasegoMasiegho“Blessings” (Tswana)
MphoMfo“Gift” (Sotho)
MantheManthi“Flower” (Tswana)
MbaliMbalie“Flower” (Zulu)
MatebohoMateboh“Thanks” (Sotho)
MadodaMadodah“Men” (Ndebele)
MmathaboMathabo“Joy” (Sotho)
MasechabaMasekhaba“Mother of the nation” (Sotho)
MaselloMasiello“Surprise” (Sotho)
MakhosiMakhosiya“Doctor” (Zulu)
MathapeloMathapelli“Prayer” (Sotho)
MaleboMaleboh“Offerings” (Sotho)
MmabathoMabathoe“Mother of the people” (Tswana)
MbekoMbekie“Praise” (Xhosa)
MotheoMotheyo“Foundation” (Sotho)
MogauMogaue“Gratitude” (Sotho)
MotsatsiMotsatsie“Day” (Sotho)
MoliehiMoleihi“Who knows how much” (Sotho)
MphoentleMphoentleh“Beautiful gift” (Sotho)
MphozaMphoizah“Gift” (Venda)
MmatemaMmateemah“Faith” (Venda)
MokgadiMokgadie“Mother of home” (Sotho)
MmalefuMmaleftu“Mother of richness” (Sotho)
MolwantwaMolwantwe“Desire” (Sotho)
MponaMponna“Look” (Sotho)
MotlalepulaMotlalepulah“One who brings rain” (Sotho)
MmaKgosiMmaKgosie“Mother of a king” (Tswana)
MmaNalediMmaNaleedie“Mother of a star” (Tswana)
MmasanaMmasanah“Mother of light” (Tswana)
MmagautaMmagautah“Mother of richness” (Tswana)
MmabontleMmabontlee“Mother of beauty” (Tswana)
MmatshepoMmatshepoh“Mother of trust” (Tswana)
MmaitshepoMmaitshepoh“Mother of hope” (Tswana)
MmaatlaMmaatlah“Mother of power” (Tswana)
MmadinareMmadinareh“Mother of the city” (Tswana)
MmamotseMmamotsee“Mother of knowledge” (Tswana)
MmaletatsheMmaletatshee“Mother of the sea” (Tswana)
MmagweMmagwee“Mother of the land” (Tswana)
MmamolokoMmamolokoh“Mother of prosperity” (Tswana)
MmakgomoMmakgomoh“Mother of cows” (Tswana)
MmantwaMmantwah“Mother of beauty” (Tswana)
MmakgosiMmakgosie“Mother of a queen” (Tswana)

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With M. We hope it has ignited your imagination and guided your naming journey. Remember, each name carries a unique story waiting to be told. Feel inspired? Check out more of our baby name idea lists for further inspiration. Happy naming!

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