50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With N: Inspirations for Your New Arrival

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Hey there, Mama-to-be! Naming your baby is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, isn’t it? Let’s dive into a sea of wonderful African baby boy names starting with ‘N’, each carrying a unique meaning and a touch of heritage!

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Among the many luminaries carrying the ‘N’ are Nigerian author Nnedi Okorafor, known for her innovative Afrofuturism science fiction, and Ndaba Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, who passionately keeps his grandfather’s legacy alive.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NiaNyah, Niah“Purpose” in Swahili
2. NuruNoru, Neru“Light” in Swahili
3. NuhNu, Nue“Consolation” in Arabic
4. NaloNalu, Nale“Lovable” in Zulu
5. NaviNafi, Navee“Bringer of Good News” in Swahili
6. NduluNdula, Ndulou“Wealthy” in Meru
7. NekaNeka, Nekka“Wild goose” in Swahili
8. NgoziNgosi, Ngozee“Blessing” in Igbo
9. NuruNeru, Noru“Born during daylight” in Swahili
10. NjauNjou, Njao“Bull” in Kikuyu
11. NkosiNkos, Nkose“God” in Zulu
12. NiaNiah, Nyah“Purpose” in Swahili
13. NaloNalu, Nale“Lovable” in Zulu
14. NaviNafi, Navee“Bringer of Good News” in Swahili
15. NgoziNgosi, Ngozee“Blessing” in Igbo
16. NuruNeru, Noru“Born during daylight” in Swahili
17. NjauNjou, Njao“Bull” in Kikuyu
18. NkosiNkos, Nkose“God” in Zulu
19. NayoNao, Naeo“Joyful” in Yoruba
20. NyamekoNyamek, Nyame“God’s gift” in Xhosa
21. NkanyeziNkanyez, Nkaneze“Star” in Zulu
22. NtandoNtandu, Ntandoe“Love” in Ndebele
23. NhlakaniphoNhlakani, Nipho“Wisdom” in Zulu
24. NtuthukoNtuthu, Thuko“Progress” in Zulu
25. NkosinathiNkosina, Nathi“God is with us” in Zulu
26. NkanyisoNkanyi, Yiso“Light” in Zulu
27. NjabuloNjabu, Jablo“Happiness” in Zulu
28. NkazimuloNkazimu, Mulo“Glory” in Zulu
29. NsizwaNsiz, Zwa“Boy” in Zulu
30. NqobizithaNqobizi, Zitha“Conquer the enemies” in Ndebele
31. NkosikhonaNkosikho, Kona“The king is here” in Zulu
32. NondumisoNondumi, Miso“Praises” in Zulu
33. NhlanhlaNhlanhl, Hla“Luck” in Zulu
34. NomasontoNomasont, Sonto“Sunday” in Zulu
35. NhlahlaNhlahl, Hla“Creativity” in Zulu
36. NcebaNceb, Ba“Mercy” in Xhosa
37. NtsikaNtsik, Kika“Pillar” in Xhosa
38. NqobileNqobi, Bile“Victorious” in Zulu
39. NomusaNomu, Musa“Merciful” in Zulu
40. NolwaziNolwa, Wazi“Knowledgeable” in Zulu
41. NthabisengNthabi, Seng“Make me happy” in Sotho
42. NtombizodwaNtombizo, Zodwa“Girls only” in Zulu
43. NtombifuthiNtombifu, Futhi“Another girl” in Zulu
44. NcamisileNcamisi, Sile“I have completed” in Zulu
45. NthabelengNthabe, Leng“Make me happy” in Sotho
46. NobuhleNobuh, Hle“The beautiful one” in Zulu
47. NtombiyenkosiNtombiyen, Kosi“Girl of the lord” in Zulu
48. NokuthulaNokuthu, Thula“Quietness” in Zulu
49. NalediNale, Di“Star” in Sotho
50. NtandoNtan, Do“Love” in Ndebele

Thank you, future mommies, for sharing this journey with us in search of the perfect name for your little one. We hope our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with N has sparked your imagination. Continue your adventure with more of our comprehensive baby name idea lists. Happy naming!

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