Showcasing 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With O for Your Little One

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Hello Mom-to-be! Embarking on the exhilarating journey of choosing your little one’s name? Let’s deep dive into 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With O, each brimming with rich heritage and meaning. Get ready to add some unique flair to your baby name shortlist!

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With O

A number of influential figures don African boy names beginning with O. For instance, Obafemi Martins, a Nigerian footballer known for his speed and agility, and Olusegun Obasanjo, two-term President of Nigeria, are proud bearers of O-starting names. These names not only hold significant meanings but are also symbols of strength and resilience.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ObiObie, Oby, ObeyHeart
2. OniOnie, Onni, OneyBorn on Sacred Ground
3. ObaObah, ObaaKing
4. OseiOsay, OseNoble, Honorable
5. ObiomaObi, ObiaomaKind Heart
6. OkoroOkoroa, OkoroeChild of the People
7. OlaOlah, OllaWealth, Riches
8. OluOluw, OlouGod is the King
9. OrjiOrjie, OrjySupportive
10. OmaOman, OmaaGood, Kind
11. OkonOkonn, OkoneBorn on Ekadasi – Holy Day
12. OsagieOsagy, OsagyeGod sent
13. OsaOsaa, OsahGod’s Plan
14. OkekeOkek, OkekeeBorn on Eke Market Day
15. OjoOjoe, OjohBorn on Ojo Day
16. ObafemiObafemy, ObafimiThe king loves me
17. OmolaraOmolarah, OmolaroBorn at the Right Time
18. OluwaferanmiOluwaferanmy, OluwafemiGod Loves Me
19. OpeyemiOpeyemy, OpeyemiI give Praise
20. OlumekunOlumekunn, OlumekunneI am victorious
21. OdionOdione, OdyonFirst Twin
22. OmobolajiOmobolajy, OmobolajieBorn with wealth
23. ObatalaObatalah, ObatallahGod of Purity
24. OguguaOguguo, OgugueConsolation
25. OlayemiOlayemy, OlayemiI am worth joy
26. OlasunkanmiOlasunkamni, OlasunkummniWealth pours into me
27. OpemipoOpemipoh, OpemipoaI have many blessings
28. OladeleOladeley, OladeleeWealth came home
29. OlumideOlumidde, OlumiddMy God has arrived
30. OlukayodeOlukayodd, OlukeyodeGod has brought joy
31. OnyedikachiOnyedikachy, OnyedikachiWho is as great as God
32. ObinnaObinnah, ObinnaeFather’s heart
33. OkenwaOkenwah, OkenwaeChild is greater than riches
34. OtitoOtitoa, OtitoePraise
35. OchukoOchuko, OchukuoGod’s plan
36. OsaroOsaroa, OsaroeGod sees me
37. OladimejiOladimejie, OladimejyWealth has two parts
38. OlakunleOlakunlea, OlakunleeWealth increases at home
39. OluwakemiOluwakemy, OluwakemieGod cares for me
40. OluwatobiOluwatoby, OluwatobeGod is great
41. OluwademiladeOluwademiladi, OluwademiladyGod has crowned me
42. OluwadamilolaOluwadamilolae, OluwadamilolayGod makes me wealthy
43. OluwatamiloreOluwatamilori, OluwatamilorGod gave me a gift
44. OluwaferanmiOluwaferanmy, OluwafemmyGod loves me
45. OluwatofunmiOluwatofunmy, OluwatofumnGod is enough for me
46. OluwatiseOluwatisey, OluwatisseGod has done it
47. OluwajomilojuOluwajomiluju, OluwajomilojiGod surprises me
48. OluwalonimiOluwalonimy, OluwalonimieGod owns me
49. OluwadarasimiOluwadarasimy, OluwadarasimeGod is good to me
50. OluwagbotemiOluwagbotemy, OluwagbotemmiGod hears me

Thank you for joining us in exploring these 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With O. Each name carries a unique essence, merging tradition, culture and individuality. Feeling inspired? Continue your baby naming journey with our other curated lists of baby names. Your perfect baby name is just a click away!

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