50 African Baby Boy Names Starting with O: The Ultimate Guide for Mom-to-be

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Choosing a name for your little one is more than just a task—it’s an adventure steeped in love and anticipation. With our curated list of 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘O’, we invite you to join us on a magnificent journey, exploring a plethora of meaningful and unique choices that celebrate the richness of African culture.

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Some impactful figures in history have carried these names with pride. For instance, Oluwafemi, meaning ‘God loves me’, was the name of Nigerian international soccer star Femi Opabunmi. Oba, meaning ‘King’, is famously carried by Oba Ewuare II, a revered monarch of the ancient city of Benin. These prominent figures exemplify the strength and honour embedded in African names starting with ‘O’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ObaOba, ObahKing
ObiObie, ObeyHeart
OdaOdah, OdaaBorn on the road
OduaOduah, OdwaOne who is the foundation of all
OfuOfuh, OfusLight
OgaOgah, OgaaLeader
OguOguh, OgoWarrior
OjoOjoh, OjoeRainy Season
OkoOkoh, OkoeFarmer
OlaOlah, OlaaWealth
OluOluh, OlueGod is king
OmaOmah, OmaaBeautiful
OniOnie, OnyBorn on holy ground
OpeOpee, OpeyThanks
OraOras, OrahPrayer
OreOree, OreyFavor
OsaOsah, OsaaGod exists
OseOsey, OseeGod hears me
OtaOtah, OtasWar
OteOtee, OteyHe is praised
OtuOtuh, OtooOutside
OyaOyah, OyaaShe tore
OyoOyoh, OyosJoyful
OzuOzuh, OzusMorning
ObafemiObafemee, ObafemeyGod loves me
OdionOdieon, OdionnFirst of twins
OkoroOkorro, OkoroeChild of the freeborn man
OlabisiOlabisee, OlabisieJoy is multiplying
OlanrewajuOlanree, OlanrewajoeMy wealth is the future
OmolaraOmolarah, OmolarasA child is a comforter
OnyekaOnyekah, OnyekasWho is greater than God
OsaroOsaroe, OsarohGod watches over me
OyekunleOyekunlee, OyekunsWealth fills the home
OzichiOzichie, OzichisGod’s message
OdiboOdiboe, OdibosBorn with wealth
OkparaOkparah, OkparasFirst born son
OlajideOlajidde, OlajidsWealth awakens
OmoruyiOmoruyie, OmoruyisI respect my king
OnyekachiOnyekachie, OnyekachisWho is greater than God
OsayimwenseOsayimwensie, OsayimwenssGod knows my path
OyelakinOyelakinn, OyelakinsWealth turned to honor
OzuluonyeOzuluonyes, OzuluonyeNo one is forgotten by God
OgechukwukanmaOgechukwukans, OgechukwukanmahGod’s time is the best
OkwukweOkwukwie, OkwukwesFaith
OlayiwolaOlayiwolah, OlayiwolesWealth surrounds this home
OluwaferanmiOluwaferanmis, OluwaferanmieGod loves me
OsakueOsakues, OsakueeGod has done something
OyinkansadeOyinkansadee, OyinkansaddeHoney pours forth the crown

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘O’. We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the richness and depth of these meaningful names as much as we’ve loved curating it for you. Check out more of our inspiring baby name lists on our site, and may the exciting adventure of choosing your baby’s name continue!

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